19 Funny Mother's Day Cards For 2016 That Are Sure To Make Your Mom Smile

While you may be thankful for your mom 365 days in a year (or 366 in a Leap Year), Mother’s Day is the day when it’s best to show your love in the most overt way. But it doesn’t have to be all sappy and emotional — and with these funny Mother’s Day cards you can give your mom a memento that she’ll chuckle at for years to come. Sentimentality is nice, but a good sense of humor simply cannot be beat.

Whether you want to spark a sibling rivalry on Mother’s Day or you’d like to hint to your mom that you could still use a little help with your laundry even though you are definitely a grown, capable adult, there is a card for that. Skip the drugstore card aisle and turn to Etsy for some of the funniest picks. Pair that with the perfect Mother’s Day present and a nice dinner, and your Mother’s Day plans are set. Get creative with your gift — there are plenty of unconventional Mother’s Day gifts that your mom is sure to love.

When it comes to cards, it’s fun to get a little bit crazy — and your mom is bound to appreciate your sense of humor.

1. "Mother: Cheap Therapist And Best Friend" Card

Let's be honest: no one cares about every little struggle as much as your mom.

Card, $4.50, etsy.com

2. Laundry Card

Thanks, mom, for always caring enough to separate lights, darks, and delicates.

Card, $3.95, etsy.com

3. Sibling Rivalry Card

Nothing like Mother's Day as an excuse to throw your older brother under the bus.

Card, $4.99, etsy.com

4. Reasonable Mother

This gem is ideal for the mom who has a soft-spot for understatement.

Card, $3.92, etsy.com

5. MILF Card

Bonus points if your mom texts you to ask what "MILF" means upon receiving this card.

Card, $5.95, etsy.com

6. Gin Card

That penchant for gin and tonics has to be inherited, right?

Card, $3.63, etsy.com

7. Nursing Home Card

Of course you'll support your mom in her old age.

Card, $2.50, etsy.com

8. Moving Out Card

Not moved out yet? At least you get to spend more time with your mom!

Card, $4.50, etsy.com

9. Moooom Card

If there's anything that will get your mother's attention, it's this.

Card, $4, etsy.com

10. "I Didn't Rob A Bank" Card

You haven't pursued a life of crime, so your mom must have done something right.

Card, $3.75, etsy.com

11. Good Work Card

Nothing like a little self-congratulating on Mother's Day — but your mom's got to get some credit, too.

Card, $4.50, etsy.com

12. Obligatory Mother's Day Card

If your mom has the right sense of humor, then a not-so-sweet card is sure to give her a good laugh.

Card, $4, etsy.com

13. Bum Card

You simply can't thank your mom enough for helping you through your diapers phase.

Card, $2.91, etsy.com

14. Raisin Card

A puns never fail, especially when they're as grape as this one.

Card, $2.40, etsy.com

15. Apartment Card

Home is wherever I'm with you.

Card, $4.50, etsy.com

16. Cool Mom Card

If your mom gets this reference, then she is most definitely a cool mom.

Card, $2.91, etsy.com

17. Thank You Mom Card

Moms: The only people who truly tolerate our unbearable pickiness.

Card, $5, etsy.com

18. The Rock Card

When in doubt, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson can help you wish your mom a happy Mother's Day.

Card, $7.89, etsy.com

19. "I Have Become My Mother" Card

Sometimes, turning into your mom isn't so bad at all.

Card, $4.50, etsy.com

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