15 Hayley Williams Hair Color Line Tweets That Show Fans Are So Ready For Their Next Dye Job

Paramore singer Hayley Williams is so daring and adventurous when it comes to her hair. Williams has a unique sense of style, loves to play with her look, and has zero fear when it comes to dyeing her hair any color of the rainbow or multiple colors at the same time. Williams has launched a hair dye range and it's so outrageously awesome that it will inspire you to play and experiment with your strands, too. It's called "Good Dye Young" and it's not just an awesome or clever pun, either. It actually describes all the feels that Williams' fans and hair dye fanatics will have about this hair color collection. Dyeing your hair wild, fabulous colors is fun and helps you celebrate youth... no matter your actual age.

Good Dye Young is coming soon, with the pre-order launching on April 15. The singer's fans expressed their excitement on Twitter. Some claimed "emo" status, while others lamented how their plans to stop dyeing their hair were thwarted now that Williams is rocking her own branded dye. The strands struggle is real, yo!

Here are 15 insanely adorable reactions to Hayley Williams' Good Dye Young hair dye line and the fact that the colors are thisclose to shoppable.

These tweets seriously are too cute. #ByeMoney.

No emo or hair dye shame here!


This fan might change her mind about her hair dye moratorium.

Dye, don't cry!

This tweet is all of the feels.

It's never too early to come up with a creative plan.

Let's hope this fan's friends saw this tweet and are planning to shop.

The power of social media.

Now is her chance to rock that blue hued 'do.

It's hard to be patient.

Pretty much!

The excitement is palpable.

Soon! It's coming.

The happiest of happy dances.

All the feels.