Does Hayley Williams' Hair Dye Range Wash Out? It's Great For Experimenting With Color

Watch out, because spring is about to get a whole lot more colorful. After months of anticipation, Hayley Williams' hair dye line is finally here, and it's pretty darn gorgeous. With five neon colors to choose from, this line is made to stand out, but it's also designed to be pretty versatile as well. Does goodDYE Young hair dye wash out? Unfortunately the at-home color won't last forever, but it's not super temporary either. All in all, it's great for experimenting.

When the singer, who is well known for her brightly colored 'dos, decided to start a line of hair dyes, I knew the colors would be great, but I had no idea that it would be so versatile. Williams' hair dye is semi-permanent and lasts anywhere between three weeks to a month. That means you can experiment with the unconventional colors without having to be stuck with them forever. The fun doesn't stop with just the five colors either. Each dye is made so that it can stand on it's own or be mixed to make your own custom creation. That's a whole lot of options, people!

According to ET, Williams has been working on the dye line for four years now, meaning she's spent a lot of time perfecting the products into something that she's proud of. "I'm sort of drooling over it, and I can't wait to show people," she told Nylon in a Summer 2014 interview. "Obviously I'm not going to put out anything that I don't believe in or that I don't wear myself."

While the Good Dye Young colors — Steal My Sunshine, Blue Ruin, Rock Lobster, Riot, and Ex-Girl — are all neons, fans of subtlety shouldn't shy away from the line. According to, each professional-grade pigment comes with a lightening bleach, all the tools you'll need, and a fader to let you personalize your color any way you'd like. Each color is also vegan, non-toxic, and fragrance-free to make for a comfortable and thoughtful hair process.

According to the Good Dye Young Instagram, Williams' favorite color combination so far is the neon yellow and pink. Personally, I'm hoping that the singer gives the combo a try for her next hair transformation. After all, she's already proved that the bright yellow, orange, and red look gorgeous on her. If you'd like to try out the shades yourself, they're available for pre-sale on the Good Dye Young website for $14.99 each.

Whether you're a fan of the bright neon summer colors or are more into springtime pastels, this line is perfect for you. Williams already has plans for expanding as well. With a bright purple already in the works, who knows where this line will go!

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