New Info on Their Romance That Never Was

Ahhh...Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse. Was there ever a greater TV couple? And was there ever a greater real-life couple that never was? It seems like Full House fans will never tire of hearing about Lori Loughlin and John Stamos' off-screen relationship that always just sounds the teeeeeeniest bit wistful. Maybe that's wishful thinking on our part, but in a new interview with FOX411 where Lori Loughlin spoke about a possible romantic relationship with John Stamos, we were all ears. Stamos has said that there was "great chemistry" between them, but were both either getting married or divorced at different times. Now, Loughlin has been married to fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli (yes, the Target label) for 17 years and they have two daughters.

Stamos has heavily hinted that there may be a Full House reunion in the works — that Loughlin would be interested in doing if Stamos did, too.

"I haven't heard much about [a Full House reunion]. I think it would be focusing more on Candace Cameron and Jodi Sweetin's characters. I personally have not received any official phone call. Clearly, if John was involved, absolutely I would consider being involved."

What's Uncle Jesse without Aunt Becky? Like peanut butter without jelly, that's what. Loughlin said that she never "hooked up" with Stamos because she was married at the time, and then when she got a divorce from her first husband, Stamos met now ex-wife Rebecca Romijn. When asked if she ever had a "drunken night" with Stamos, her answer was interesting.

Believe me, we've gone out and had drinks together, but no, nothing happened, Loughlin says. To be honest, I can't speak for John, but that was not my personality. That's not my style, and it never was. I was never the girl that got drunk and was like, 'Whoopsie!' and ended up with somebody. That was not something I did.

Was she hinting that Stamos was all about it but she put up boundaries? It sounds like they're just each other's "one that got away," and that Lori Loughlin is just as cool and mature as she always seemed. So until they get together in another life, we'll always at least have this:

Image: Getty Images