The New 'Inside Amy Schumer' Promo Proves That Fame Hasn't Changed Your Favorite Self-Effacing Comedian — VIDEO

In this insane world with all its ups and downs, it's starting to seem like Amy Schumer is one of the only things we can all rely on. The new promo for Inside Amy Schumer Season 4, for instance, is incontrovertible proof that nNo matter how famous she gets, she will never get too big for her britches. In fact, she's much more likely to do a sketch called "Too Big For Her Britches" poking fun at herself than she ever is to actually get cocky and lose her self-awareness. Even though she's like... an Emmy winner and stuff. The promo was released Apr. 15 in advance of the fourth season's premiere on Apr. 21, and right out of the gate, she's making fun of herself for getting mistaken for another famous Amy from "that singing movie." (Which I guess must happen all the time if she wrote a whole sketch about it, but if there are seriously people out there mistaking Amy Adams and Amy Schumer, they need to pull it together pronto.)

She works in previews of other sketches as well — but the underlying theme of the promo is, as always, Schumer making fun of herself. It's what she's best at, and it's such a relief to see that she hasn't lost touch with it as her level has really risen. And even better, she seems aware of the possibility herself: One of the clips is of her in a tight dress, talking directly into the camera about having a maid whose name she doesn't know, but she's still just. Like. Us. It's the perfect take on her current situation — getting so close to the A-list that it's hard to relate to the original topics she was joking about — and it gives me total confidence that Schumer will be able to navigate this next, more famous portion of her career just as hilariously as she did the portions that came before it.

Can't wait to see the new season and prove myself right!