Should You Tweeze Your Armpit Hair?

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When it comes to removing hair from the body, different methods often work best for different areas. And while shaving tends to be the most popular option for the underarms, can you tweeze armpit hair instead? If you've only ever used tweezers for facial hair, or even if you tweeze your bikini line, taking a pair to your underarms might sound a little awkward. For one thing, it can be more difficult to fully see your underarms, making it harder to grasp hairs with your tweezers. Plus, tweezing this area means that you would lose the use of one of your hands. So unless your arms are really flexible and/or you're ambidextrous, it would probably be difficult, if not impossible, to hold your skin taut while you pluck and to pluck under your dominant arm.

If neither of these issues are a concern for you though, or if you have a friend (or professional) who is willing to help you get the job done, you can definitely tweeze your armpit hair if you so desire. Just make sure to take these precautions before getting started so that you don't end up with any ingrown hairs. Oh, and a fair warning: Tweezing your underarms may be more painful or even more ticklish than you're used to hair removal being.

1. Shower First

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Before getting to the tweezing part, it's important to make sure your underarms are freshly cleaned. Removing all of that dirt, oil, and deodorant residue will help ensure your tweezers can get a better grip on your hairs. Plus, softening your skin with warm water can help the hair slip out more easily.

2. Use Fresh Tweezers

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Before tweezing any hairs from your body, it's imperative that your tweezers be fresh. That means sharpened and sterilized. If your tweezers are dull, you can quickly sharpen them on an emory board. And swiping a cotton ball soaked with rubbing alcohol over your tweezers will help make sure no dirt or bacteria is coming in contact with your skin.

3. Pluck From The Base

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To reduce the potential discomfort and risk of ingrown hairs, always grab each hair from the base, and tweeze in the direction of hair growth. This will prevent the hairs from breaking (and causing you to have to re-tweeze), and your follicles from being too irritated.

4. Take Breaks

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And remember to take breaks! Your neck could quickly become stiff looking at your underarm for long periods of time, so look around and stretch your neck every so often to prevent any cramps.

5. Use An Aftershave

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Help keep ingrown hairs at bay by using an aftershave spray or lotion. It will keep the skin calm, help reduce inflammation, and lower the risk of any infection.

And who knows? Maybe if you tweeze your underarms routinely enough, you'll even stop being so ticklish there. Maybe.

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