Michael Buble Eats Corn Like A Weirdo & Twitter Users Aren't Taking It Lightly — PHOTO

I am fully aware of the barrage of stupid things that happen that aren’t at all important in the real world, but that the Internet somehow makes important. Which is why I do understand the people who are concerned and/or upset with the fact that Michael Bublé eating corn is trending on Facebook. But the thing is, it has every right to trend! Bublé has done corn a great, almost unforgivable injustice. No, I am not kidding, and neither are countless others. You see, there is, apparently, a universally accepted right way or "traditional technique" when it comes to eating corn and Twitter is hell bent on getting the singer to understand that fact.

Honestly, thank god for Twitter. How would we ever express this kind of weird concern over a celebrity eating corn, otherwise? Facebook’s too formal, Instagram just isn’t the place for it, and Snapchat is… confusing. I, for one, am willing to be loud and proud about my appreciation for the platform, especially given the amazing tweets I have seen in response to this starchy situation. Though, you know, Bublé may want to steer clear of Twitter for a while for self-preservation purposes.

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