Here's The Craziest Thing Sonja Morgan Owns

When it comes to the Real Housewives, there's no doubt the ladies own luxurious items and have some gorgeous homes. They wouldn't be part of the Bravo franchise if they didn't. Well, when it comes to Real Housewives of New York City star Sonja Morgan, she is known for living it up in her five-story townhouse. Yes, that's where she does most of her toaster oven cooking. And as fans probably expect, the 52 year-old's home is filled with a lot of interesting pieces. I have a feeling viewers have wondered about the craziest thing Sonja Morgan owns. No, it's not the elevator, but something a bit more comfortable.

In addition to the kitchen, dining room, and sitting room, Sonja's bedroom is heavily featured on RHONY. Guess what? That's where the craziest item she owns is. I know, it's definitely not shocking, because, well, Sonja is unashamed about having fun in the bedroom. So, what is it? It is none other than her bed.

Now, this isn't some ordinary bed, but one that Sonja designed herself. While giving Headline News a tour in May 2014, the "international fashion lifestyle brand" revealed her bed is modeled after a particular bed in the White House. More specifically, she says it resembles the bed of John Adams, the second president of the United States. "It's a solid bed," Sonja said while admiring her masterpiece. "It really does make you feel like a queen."

Based on these photos, I'd say it sure does.

The Famous Bed

It definitely looks cozy.

Her Pets Feel Like Queens, Too

I mean, come on.

Again, Queens

It's nice Sonja likes to share.

Great For Posing

It definitely complements her dress.

Perfect Place To Get Ready

And the perfect place to crash after a party.

The Only Way To Lounge

Sonja does it right.

Next time you see her bed on an episode of RHONY, remember she designed it herself and she probably won't let you forget it.

Image: HLN