Are The Metal Matte Lipsticks Sold Out? This Might Be The Only Time To Buy

Update: As of 3:50 p.m. ET, all of the Kylie Metal Matte lipsticks are officially sold out after 50 minutes on the site. This is the longest time yet for a Kylie Cosmetics product to remain in stock.

Earlier: Kylie Jenner's stunner new lip kit dropped today, and not surprisingly, it's as ridiculously popular as every other product she's ever released! If you were hoping to snag a kit and asking yourself, "Are the metal matte lipsticks sold out?" the answer is, luckily, no. As of 3:15 ET, the kits are still in stock, which is probably a record for Kylie Cosmetics.

The Metal Matte Collection was made for festival season, and so it's a little surprising that they didn't sell out as quickly as the older kits with the restock. The highly pigmented and intensely metallic lipsticks come in three shades: Heir (a bright and rosy 24-karat hue), King K (a straight up gold tone), and Reign (a deep and blushy red wine color). Beyond all three lip hues obviously being totally gorgeous, can we stop and appreciate those super feminist and powerful names? #Fierce

So if the metallic hues do sell out, when will they be back in stock again? No one knows! Even though Kylie's lip kit team has been awesome about re-releasing kits fast in the past, the Metal Matte Collection might be an exception. As Bustle's Amy Sciarretto pointed out, "Since the Coachella music festival in California happens over multiple weekends just once a year, this particular color range could be seriously limited edition." Let's hope not, though a single launch could explain why there were apparently more available this time around.

Even if you didn't snag a kit, you can still drool over all the metallic bliss Jenner posted on her IG:

Pure pigment bliss.

And how great is Reign in person?!

Even the packaging is freaking perfection!

And now... all we can do is wait and hope for a restock!