'Wolves' Trailer is a Hot, Ugly Mess

I ran into Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa at an Emmy's after party several months ago, and was absolutely awe-struck by his presence. Built like a Greek god, Momoa stood taller than all those surrounded him, his wide-shoulders hugging those who came to say hello. His chiseled features and tan skin were glowing, and a wide grin was never absent from his face. And I, like many other Game of Thrones fanatics, was heartbroken when his character was killed off of the HBO show. (What was Khaleesi without her sun and stars?) All this to say, when the trailer for Wolves starring Momoa dropped Thursday, I was in utter shock to see the gorgeous actor playing the film's namesake — a grizzled wolf. Sure, his muscles are on full display, but the dreadlocks and creepy contacts turn our sweet Khal Drago into an animalistic beast.

The story follows a popular high school football player ( X-Men: First Class' Lucas Till, who ironically played a popular high school football player in Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" music video) who turns into a wolf (duh) and must hit the road after being accused of murdering his parents. IMDB describes this as a "coming of age" story, which made me keel over with laughter.

Watch the ridiculous trailer for the horror film Wolves

Image: Getty Images