How Many People Have Fallen Asleep During Sex

As many of us know, sex isn't always what it looks like in porn or on TV. I'm sure most of us have embarrassing moments in the bedroom, not to mention super awkward ones, that make for a good story or two. So, whatever your embarrassing bedroom blunder is, just know, you’re not alone. In fact, a new study found that 75 percent of people admit to having at least one embarrassing incident happen during sex.

I will admit it, I’m no stranger to embarrassing sex moments myself. For instance, I’ve been caught in some pretty compromising positions and fallen victim to the sexy strip tease gone wrong. It wasn’t pretty. Unfortunately for a friend of mine, she ended up sending her one-night stand to the emergency room when she hopped on top of her partner and he got a penile fracture. Yeah, it happens. She still cringes about that incident to this very day.

Since many of us have a few of those stories hidden buried in our sexual histories somewhere, MedExpress, an online doctor and pharmacy based in the UK, conducted a survey on 2,500 Brits in order to find the most embarrassing things that have happened to them in bed. Below are the ones that made the list. But first, check out our video on sex positions to help him last longer:

1. Having A Family Member Walk In At The Wrong Moment

Getting walked in on during a sexual encounter by anyone can be embarrassing enough. But if that person just happens to be a blood relative, well, that’s sure to make family dinners a little more awkward. According to the survey, 63 percent of people have had a family member walk in one them at the wrong moment.

2. Farting

Everyone farts. It’s a fact of life. Yet, it’s one of those things we don’t openly admit to doing. As the study found, 58 percent of women said they accidentally farted during sex. I’m assuming they haven’t made it to the six month-mark yet.

3. Period Surprises

Mother nature has a way of sending our monthly gift at inopportune times. About 37 percent of women said a “surprise menstruation” was an embarrassing sex moment for them. It’s understandable. Blood coming out unexpectedly can sure put a damper on the sexy. Though, once you try it, there are many great health benefits associated with period sex.

4. Women Can’t Contain Their Laughter

It’s OK to laugh during sex. There are definite awkward moments—such as the ones on this list—that may help ease the tension. But timing is everything. As 21 percent of women surveyed found, laughing at the wrong moment led to their embarrassing sex moment. Other embarrassing moments for women include gagging while in the moment (nine percent) and having issues with a sex toy (five percent).

5. Guys Fall Asleep While On Top

When it comes to men, the number one thing they were embarrassed about was falling asleep on top. Apparently 26 percent of men said they were guilty of that.

6. Guys Cry

About 21 percent of men said they cried after a sex session. Hey, sex can be an overwhelming, emotional experience. So, let those tears flow, guys — unless you're having sex with women who are prone to #4.

7. Dirty Talk Can Go Wrong

About 15 percent of guys said one of their cringe-worthy sex moments is when their dirty talk didn’t come out as sexy as they hoped.

In short, we all have our moments. Nothing to worry about.

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