Kylie Jenner Rocks Another New Hair Color

by Kali Borovic

Another day, another hair color for the Lip Kit queen. Kylie Jenner just rocked peachy orange hair at Coachella, and it might just be her best color yet. If you're wondering if her unconventional hair color is real this time, unfortunately all signs point to no. It seems pretty likely that this is yet another wig. That doesn't make it any less fabulous though. With the addition of her new Creamsicle hue, Jenner's has worn almost every single color of the rainbow on her head.

While her Metallic Lip Kits were selling out online, Jenner was at Coachella looking fabulous and showing off her new Rapunzel-length locks. Although her new lip shades were made specifically for festival season, the 18-year-old decided to go with something matte instead for her own lip look. I guess none of her new lippies would really go with her new 'do. Instead, she let all eyes be on her fabulous orange hair, which she paired with a super simple (yet incredibly stylish) outfit.

Odds are that Jenner's hair is just another one of her colorful wigs, so there's no telling how long it will last. Sometimes she decides to spend a full weekend rocking one color, like when she went pink at New York Fashion Week, and other times she wears a wig for just a night. Either way, it's safe to say we can add this to the ever-growing list of styles that she's mastered. Take a look:

Seriously though, does it get any cooler than this? How she manages to mix up her style and hair color so effortlessly will forever be a secret to me. She paired the bright hue with a soft, simple makeup look that focused on a bold brow. Heck, she could've possibly been sporting her rumored upcoming Kybrow products without us even knowing.

Compared to her other hair colors, Jenner's Coachella hair is her brightest yet. The girl has worn pretty much every single color under the sun, but somehow they get better every single time. Here are some of the other shades she's got in her hair arsenal.

1. Navy Blue

This one wasn't one of her most noticeable, but it was a shade of blue that she hadn't done before.

2. Bright Pink

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jenner sported this hue right around Valentine's Day, which also happened to fall during New York Fashion Week.

3. Blonde

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The natural-born brunette can go from the dark hair to the light overnight.

4. Green

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This was one of the first times she stepped out in a wig. She completely nailed it and people were instantly obsessed.

5. Teal

The first unconventional color that the Jenner tried out wasn't a wig, but still looked great.

6. Pink Plastic

She might not have rocked it in public, but her Paper Magazine cover showed off her love for unconventional hair.

7. Orange

Which brings us to her latest hair change that she sported with ease.

There's no telling what shade Jenner will rock next!

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