Why Craig Mazin's Twitter Is A Must-Follow Right Now If You're Looking For More Political Hilarity

Name calling and personal insults have become fairly commonplace on the campaign trail this year, but few have offered such biting criticism of a political candidate as Ted Cruz's former college roommate. Craig Mazin's Twitter has become must-see political commentary as his lengthy diatribe on exactly what's wrong with the Republican presidential candidate now nearly dominates his feed. (Spoiler: It's everything.)

Mazin's one-man Twitter teardown of Cruz may have first skyrocketed him to internet-insult infamy earlier in the 2016 election season, but he's been an outspoken and hands-down hilarious Cruz critic since the GOP politician ran for the Senate in 2012. Now, as his complete and utter abhorrence of Cruz garners him more and more media attention, Mazin has taken it upon himself to tweet snarky comebacks to his nemesis' supporters who question his criticisms against the Texas senator, essentially making his Twitter a long list of reasons not to vote for Cruz.

When National Review called Mazin the "roommate from hell" and questioned his "seemingly abnormal fascination with his freshman roommate," he fired back to the conservative outlet: "I'm very interested in him because he's running for President of the United States. What's your excuse?" Touché, Mazin, touché.

But some of Mazin's best tweets are ones in which he trolls the Cruz supporters attempting to troll him, pointing out spelling and grammar mistakes and effortlessly poking holes in the logic of their insults or arguments.

Mazin's history with Cruz dates back 28 years. The two were thrown together as roommates in Mazin's freshman year at Princeton University, and apparently the experience left a bad taste in his mouth. Post-Cruz, Mazin made a name for himself as a semi-successful screenwriter and director. His resume includes The Hangover II and The Hangover III and the spoof comedy Superhero Movie. But it's his vocal hatred of Cruz's politics and personality that have really made his name recognizable.

Mazin's Twitter lambasting of Cruz began in 2012 when he called his former roomie, who was then on his way to being elected a Texas senator, "a huge asshole" and spoke out against Cruz's stance on religion and gay rights. Mazin continued to be a vocal critic of Cruz as the years went on, dropping details of the politician's weird personality and behavioral quirks both on Twitter and in media interviews. "I would rather have anybody else be the president of the United States. Anyone. I would rather pick somebody from the phone book," Mazin told The Daily Beast in 2013 when Cruz was just beginning to explore the full extent of his political aspirations.

My only question is, how badly is Cruz feeling Mazin's burns?