Copy Hailey Baldwin's Coachella Ensemble For Festival Feels That'll Last All Summer Long — PHOTOS

This model has taken it up a level for Coachella. I mean, first, she goes and dyes her hair this super cool grey color and now she’s rocking fashionable festival-ready pieces. And they're actually as affordable as they are cool. That’s right! You can shop Hailey Baldwin’s Coachella outfit because it’s available at none other than your beloved H&M.

The brand hasn’t been shy about how much it “loves Coachella” and Baldwin’s not hiding the fact that she’s super into these boho, festival-inspired pieces, either. And I mean, could you blame her? I know I’m wanting to get my hands on these items, too, because they’re going to be in style way beyond Coachella. Apparently, the ‘70s never go out of style.

So, if you’re missing out on the Coachella action in person, that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to suffer, too. You can wear music festival themed clothing all summer long, especially with these prices! Shop a look similar to Baldwin’s and see what H&M has to offer for Coachella season, uhh, I mean Spring/Summer. Same difference, really.

Trust me, from distressed denim to crochet crop tops, these pieces really are too good to miss out on, whether you’re touring the U.S. going from one music festival to the next, or no.

She's serving up some serious California vibes.

Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Head to toe, she nailed festival-ready fashion.

Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Yeah, I could see this look working all summer long.

So, let's get to shopping, shall we?

1. Fringe Vest

Vest With Fringe, $49.99, H&M

Crochet and fringe? It doesn't get more '70s than this.

2. White Crop Top

Jersey Tank Top, $14.99, H&M

A high-neck crop top will pair nicely with your denim cut-offs, maxi skirts and more.

3. Denim Shorts

Denim Shorts Trashed, $29.99, H&M

There's no going wrong with distressed denim this summer, you know?

4. Boots

Suede Boots With Fringe, $69.99, H&M

Suede booties go with everything and are oh-so festival-ready.

5. Jewels

Arm Cuff With Pendants, $9.99, H&M

Gold and silver baubles are just the kind of thing you're going to need to complete your Coachella-inspired look.

6. Feathery Headpiece

Hairband With Feathers, $3.99, H&M

And a feather accent couldn't hurt, either.

Check out even more of what H&M has to offer when it comes to Coachella-level fashion by visiting their website.

Get your sights set on Coachella.


There you go. Now, get to shopping.

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