Is 'Zombieland 2' Finally Happening? The First Hints Of A Sequel May Have Debuted At CinemaCon

The blisteringly funny, unabashedly gory zombedy (I called it, you guys, I called it: zombie comedy), Zombieland was the must-see film of 2009, wowing critics and audiences alike. So, thank goodness after an all-too long seven year hiatus, there's signs of hope: namely, according to, a Zombieland 2 logo may have appeared at CinemaCon. And you know what this means, right? The sequel we've all been promised for years might actually be happening. Finally! It's about time! Rumors of the Zombieland sequel have been floating around for at least two years, so fans are obviously more than ready for this. I mean, we're patient, but who's that patient?

For those who are new to Zombieland ‚ and if so, cancel your plans for Saturday night and watch this bad boy now, it's compulsory viewing — it boasts a star studded cast (Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Bill Murray, and Abigail Breslin) and centers on the U.S .in the wake of "mad cow disease" mutating into "mad zombie disease" and the majority of the population being transformed into zombies. Eisenberg's college student character Columbus must try to fight his way back home to Ohio to see if his parents are still alive and human, but he gets derailed because zombies.

So, let's take a look at that logo, which was graciously captured by

This is great news for everyone...well, almost. For (SPOILER) plot-related reasons, I guess one of the original actors won't be in it.

Ha: The one time it's ever sucked to be Bill Murray, amiright? While — aside from Murray's absence — it all sounds very promising, what we're suffering from here is what's known in the business as "Mad Lack of Information Disease." Much like mad cow disease or mad person disease, mad lack of information disease leads entertainment journalists to contract a fever and start frothing at the mouth when they try to break news of a potential upcoming film. Causes can include, but are not limited to: lack of cast announcements, lack of plotline announcements, lack of opening date announcements, general confusion, and vagueness about an upcoming motion picture. Please help your kindly local entertainment journalists out by spreading the word on Twitter if you have any helpful, healing information about this exciting new sequel.

Image: Columbia Pictures