How To Use Hayley Williams' GoodDYE Young Hair Dye, According To A Pro

Those of you that are fans of unconventional hair colors probably already know that Haley Williams' goodDYE Young hair dye range is coming soon. What you might not know is that the line offers a heck of a lot more than just neons. At first glance, the color selection can seem a bit daunting to the average at-home dyer, but with a few hair dye tips from Williams' longtime colorist, you'll be off to a great start.

There might on by five neon colors in the hair dye collection, but Williams is giving you all the extras that you need to get a variety of different shades. In addition to the bright hues — called Blue Ruin, Ex Girl, Riot, Rock Lobster, and Steal My Sunshine — the line also has tools, a brightener, and a fader available as well. That might not seem like much, but when combined with the dyes, it makes all the difference.

According to Williams' colorist and goodDYE Young pro, Brian O'Connor, if you use the tools correctly, you aren't just limited to five shades. He's got tips on mixing the colors to get a customized shade and even creating your own pastels. You might not be a hair expert just yet, but after hearing his master tips, you'll feel like one.

If you didn't already pre-order the colors for fear of giving yourself such a dramatic at-home dye job, O'Connors advice will put you at ease. Once you hear how easy it is to get the perfect color — no matter how bright or dull it may be — you'll be excited to try the products out.

1. The Lighter The Better

Lightening Kit, $8.99,

Neon might seem like the perfect option for you, but you'll need to make sure your hair is light enough to pick up the color first. "My advice is to be creative and have fun! You're the artist here," O'Connor tells Bustle over email. "I find that the neon colors work best on light hair — a level nine or lighter." Thankfully the company makes a cruelty-free lightening kit for those of you looking to go a little bit lighter before you dye.

2. You Can Customize Your Color

Even though there are only five colors out so far, O'Connor says it's super easy to create your own customized shades. "When making a green or purple color, you’ll only need to add one drop of Blue Ruin to the Steal My Sunshine or Ex-Girl shades," the pro tells me.

Here's the breakdown:

Blue Ruin + Steal My Sunshine = greenBlue Ruin + Ex-Girl = purple

3. Even Pastels Are Possible

If neon colors are a bit to bright for you, then you'll be happy to know that Williams has made pastels easy to achieve through her line as well. The secret? "The Fader is an amazing pigment free conditioning agent so you can use it with all 5 color," says O'Connor. "Use it if you want a pastel version of the color or just something not as vibrant – remember it's all about your creativity here!"

Who knew Good Dye Young was such a versatile hair color line?

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