7 Epic Screen Grabs From Taylor Momsen's New Video

Taylor Momsen's definitely not on the Upper East Side anymore — apparently she's closer to what's "down below," but we'll get to that later. The Gossip Girl alumna and Pretty Reckless singer premiered the music video for "Heaven Knows" today, the latest single off of her upcoming album, Going to Hell . And she's as far away from little Jenny Humphrey as she's ever been.

Three weeks ago, Momsen premiered the cover art for Going to Hell, which featured a nude Momsen with a gigantic cross tattoo down her back that ended in an arrow just above her backside — and in the "Heaven Knows" video, the singer sports the same tattoo just on the front-side of her body. How do we know? Because she's naked in the video.

Aside from being nude, "Heaven Knows" also features a bunch of kids getting educated on all things depraved in the world. Good for you, girl, commenting on the state of society and planet Earth. There's also some book burning and some shots of the group of kids giving what looks like the Mockingjay salute. You're curious now. I get it.

Momsen tweeted out to fans earlier today asking them to send in their favorite screen caps from the new video using the hashtag "HeavenKnowsVideo". So, as Taylor Momsen commands, here are 7 great and sometimes mildly disturbing screen grabs from "Heaven Knows":

These Kids Watching TV

What's with the smoke?

Momsen In Front Of The TVs

"Kids, I'm here to teach you about why the world is the worst."

This Burning Book


The Mockingjay-esque Salute

Katniss would be scared.

The Big Nudity Reveal

You rock that strategically-placed tattoo, girl.

These Kids Praising Taylor Momsen

A creepy, yet effective touch.

The Final Shot

What in the hell...? #QueenOfTheDamned

Watch the full video here:

Images: Getty Images; YouTube/The Pretty Reckless