Martha Stewart’s Celeb Crush Makes Her Giddier Than A Well-Executed Souffle

Just like everyone else, Martha Stewart has a certain someone she's crushin' on this Valentine's Day. Martha Stewart revealed that her celebrity crush is Christian Bale on the Today show this morning. In a segment called, Orange Crush, Stewart talked about her crush on Bale and it was actually really cute. She gets a little giddy, but you also get the sense that she thinks the whole thing is silly — which it is! But that's the whole point of a celeb crush!

Stewart starts the segment saying, "I have lots of crushes. I love having crushes, but I think lately it's Christian Bale." So which version of Christian Bale does Stewart prefer? It's gotta be Batman, right? Wrong. Stewart likes Bale in American Psycho in which she says "he looks really good" sounding like she could also be describing the perfect chocolate ganache. Bale plays a serial killer in that movie, but I guess Stewart was able to overlook that. She goes on to say she just saw American Hustle and talks about Bale's weight gain. In her fantastic Martha Stewart voice she says, "I don't think eating is exactly what I want to do with Christian Bale." Ooh la la, Martha! How scandalous!

She doesn't mean anything too naughty and continues, "Maybe take a walk, go to the movies."

This is one celebrity couple that would be amazing to see happen. Can you imagine Martha Stewart on Christian Bale's arm at movie premieres? Unfortunately that awesome situation will never occur because Bale has been married since 2000. Stewart will be just fine though. It sounds like she prefers crushing and keeping her "walks" with Bale in her imagination.

Image: Getty Images