How Do You Become A Starbucks Gold Member? The New Starbucks Rewards Program Makes It Super Easy

If you ask me, there is nothing more valuable in this world than my morning cup of coffee, which isn't so much a pick-me-up as it is necessary life assistance if I plan to do anything productive before 10 a.m. But, as Starbucks Rewards members everywhere know, there are more benefits to be gained from that morning cup of joe than just a temporary caffeine boost. So, how do you become a Starbucks Gold member and enjoy the glorious freebies you've only ever heard rumors about up until this point, but have never been able to experience first hand? Under the new Starbucks Rewards program, which launched April 12, it's honestly never been easier.

For one thing, as a special promotion, Starbucks is granting automatic Gold member status to anybody who makes a Starbucks purchase of any kind between now and May 2. Yup, it's seriously that easy. All you have to do is go to your local store, pick up your go-to drink the same way you normally would, and watch as your member status is instantly boosted to Gold, no matter how many stars you had in the past. Already a Gold member? Make a purchase between now and May 2, and your Gold status is automatically extended for another whole year. See? I told you, it doesn't get any more simple.

Of course, the promotion doesn't last forever, so if for whatever reason you're currently barricaded in your home, unable to leave your house or apartment until after May 2, you might want to read up on other ways to receive coveted Gold status, especially now that Starbucks has restructured its rewards program. There's a lot at stake, after all. Gold members with a certain number of stars stand to receive free food and beverage items, as well as other bonuses like birthday freebies.

So what are the new rules? Allow me to break them down for you. Under the new system, customers with a registered Starbucks card will receive two Starbucks stars for every dollar they spend, rather than one star for every visit, which was previously the case. Rack up 300 stars, and you are promoted to Gold member status (before, you needed 30 stars). And then, once you're at Gold level? Prepare to revel in the various perks that come from being at the top, including a free treat you can redeem for 125 stars. Gold members also get to enjoy monthly Double Star Days, where once a month they receive four stars for every dollar spent, instead of two, making it even easier to tally up the number of stars needed to cash in on that free food or beverage item.

It's also worth mentioning that under the new system, Starbucks keeps track of partial stars you earn, too, so purchases that aren't an even dollar amount are still working in your favor — just make sure to pay attention to how many stars you are collecting! And, make sure to use those stars as soon as you can. Gold member stars expire if they aren't used six months after you earn them.

So to sum up, even though I'm sure you all were taking careful notes: Go to Starbucks any time during the month of April, order up your favorite drink, receive automatic Gold status. Once May rolls around, receive two stars per every dollar spent, and enjoy Gold status after earning 300 stars. Redeem stars for cool stuff, repeat. Look at you! You're a Gold star pro.

Images: Courtesy of Starbucks; Giphy