Who Is Steve Kemble? 'Real Housewives Of Dallas' Brings The Party Planner To The Forefront

There’s another Real Housewives city on the map, people, and it’s a great one — Dallas. I will pretty much watch anything that Andy Cohen puts in front of me on Bravo, so I was very happy to hear that he was taking his much-lauded franchise to the state where everything is bigger — especially the drama. Though they seem very lovely and ready to introduce America to Dallas society, let’s set aside the ladies for now and focus on one of the housewives’ pals, Steve Kemble. He’s definitely bringing a much-needed dose of sass to the show, but what else do we know? Who is Steve Kemble on Real Housewives Of Dallas?

According to the bio on his website, Kemble got his start as an event planner, and he calls himself “America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru.” Besides envisioning and executing fantastical bashes for America’s elite, his website says he also dishes out fashion judgment for US Weekly and has a daily “What’s Hot” segment on CBS Radio. Oh, and, according to his IMDB page, Kemble's appeared on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Wedding Edition and E!’s Countdown to the Academy Awards, and more. Is Kemble a Ryan Seacrest in the making? It sure seems like he’s building an empire, doesn’t it? How he’ll find time to pal around with all the Real Housewives in Dallas, I don’t know. But, here are a few ideas on how Kemble can add some spirit to what’s sure to be a big season of Real Housewives of Dallas.

Have Two Housewives Wear The Same Dress To An Event


Kemble has plenty of experience judging people’s outfits, so he could definitely add a little drama in dressing the Housewives. How about styling two of them and having them wear — gasp — the same dress? I mean, that’s a pretty scandalous offense in Real Housewives-land. Of course, Kemble could feign ignorance over the whole thing and then watch the fireworks go off. Seems like a fun way to start a fight (and aren’t fights the whole reason for watching Real Housewives?).

Plan An Event & Mess With The Guest List


Kemble's a master party planner — I’m sure that he could make anything happen at any of his parties. Wouldn’t it be a shame if Kemble planned a bash and one of the Housewives happened to miss it? Maybe it’s a slip of the guest list, or maybe he just invites everyone who hates each other — that would be some great television, wouldn’t it?

Spread Secrets


I’m sure that Kemble is privy to all sorts of secrets that the Housewives tell him, so why not spread some around? Knowing what I know about reality television, the information can slowly make their way through interviews and cocktail parties until viewers are seeing Theresa Giudice levels of table flipping and competitive arguing. That sounds like good television, too, doesn’t it?

Kemble has a lot going on, so he may opt to sit back and relax on Real Housewives Of Dallas, but let’s just say he has plenty of potential for drama.

Images: Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal; Giphy (3)