How To Celebrate Earth Day As An Adult

by Chrissa Hardy
Phil Walter/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Earth Day isn't a holiday that typically leads to awesome parties and gift exchanges, but there are easy ways to celebrate Earth Day that are both fun and cheap. Trying to figure out how to celebrate Earth Day as an adult? It's actually a much better time than you think.

Since this holiday is going on 46 years, it's certainly worth acknowledging, ya know? I'm not much of a hippie — or whatever the current slang term is for extreme nature lover — and admittedly, I have been extremely lazy when it comes to recycling (the blue bin is so far from our trash shoot!), but I do believe that each one of us is responsible for trying to leave this planet in better shape than when we first appeared on it. Even if that doesn't totally happen — there are so many wasteful Earthlings to compensate for, you guys — the effort you put in will always be worth it.

Earth Day is April 22, and falls on a Friday this year. So if you're a nine-to-fiver, you will most likely be working on Earth Day. Luckily, celebrating our home planet doesn't need to take more than an hour. And even better, you can do it for free. Here are a bunch of ways to honor Earth Day that would make Mother Nature one proud mama.

1. Plant a tree

Find a community garden, or head out in your backyard, and plant a tree. We're always looking for ways to leave our mark on this world, right? Why not do it by adding a brand new tree?

2. Adopt a highway

You've seen the signs, and you probably remember Kramer cleaning up his mile of road on Seinfeld, and you can do it too! Keep that space litter free and enjoy seeing your name on a sign. It's not as cool as having your face on a billboard, but one step at a time.

3. Buy a plant

This is a win-win situation, because you can buy something for yourself, while also playing a role in making this Earth a little greener. Water it as needed, keep it alive, and you will be making up for all of those long showers you used to take.

4. Recycle (if you don't already)

This requires extra effort. You might need to request a recycling bin, or walk all the way down to the garage to deposit your plastics and cardboard, but every little bit you recycle is one less item that ends up piled high in a landfill. Worth it, right?

5. Load up the totes

Instead of using the plastic bags at the grocery store, or even using up their paper bags, save a few trees by shopping with tote bags that you can reuse every time you shop.

6. Drive less

If you have a bike and an easy commute to work, use that as your mode of transportation instead of your car. Or use public transportation, and walk as often as you can. The less gas that goes into the atmosphere, the longer we can all go without having to wear those white face masks.

7. Invest in dry shampoo

You probably already have this in your beauty bag, but if you don't, Earth Day is the perfect time to start. By using dry shampoo instead of washing your hair every day, you're saving tons of water, and you're allowing your natural hair oils to keep your locks moisturized and healthy.

8. Watch a nature doc

One of the simplest ways to celebrate the Earth is to be aware of the breathtaking beauty it contains. Sure, watching nature documentaries is really just you watching TV, but it does remind you to keep our planet preserved. And seriously, go watch Planet Earth and tell me you aren't inspired to fight for green living like Captain Planet afterwards.

9. Learn how to repurpose

Throwing things away the second they stop working in perfect condition is a terrible habit we all need to break. When a shirt loses a button or a table loses a leg, this is not the end. Find ways to keep those items alive by fixing them yourself or turning them into something completely different.

10. Treat yo self

If you don't feel like celebrating Earth Day in a traditional sense, then take the easy way out and shop at a store that does good things for the Earth on your behalf. Online retailers like tentree (they plant 10 trees for every item purchased) make it so much fun to save the world. Plus, you get goodies out of it!

11. Get outside

After you watch a nature doc, you'll feel compelled to get outside. And you should! Go for a hike, go swimming, do whatever, as long as you can breathe in the fresh air and marvel at the beauty all around you. See? This is kinda worth celebrating, isn't it?

Image: Phil Walter/Getty Images; Giphy (11)