8 Earth Day Activities For Adults

Earth Day was a big deal when you were in elementary school — you probably spent a good three whole minutes watching a Schoolhouse Rock video on reducing waste (and when Schoolhouse Rock videos were involved, you know it was a good day). You probably made a few upcycled crafts out of toilet paper rolls and reviewed the three Rs: Reduce, reuse, recycle. But celebrating Earth Day as an adult is a little different — with just a smidge of grownup perspective, you begin to see why exactly this day is so important. Not to go too rant-y and rave-y about the importance of sustainability (but if you wanna chat about this later, let me know — I will go on for hours), but the Earth is a pretty spectacular place, and it deserves, at the very least, our respect.

So how does one go about honoring this crazy world we live in on April 22? Honestly, it's not very hard. When you were a kid, maybe you planted a tree. And while that kind of sweeping, symbolic gesture is certainly admirable, as a full-fledged grownup, Earth Day is really more about taking a moment or two of reflection, and assessing your contribution to making this planet a beautiful, safe place to live. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "The Earth laughs in flowers." Give it a reason to smile today... can you think of anything more beautiful?

1. Educate yourself

First things first: figure out what it is you're celebrating. There is a whole Internet filled with useful facts on how you can be a more resourceful human being. Waste is, unfortunately, inevitable, but use this day to figure out what you can do to make the Earth a livable place. We've got the sweetest digs in the universe — the least you can do is take care of them.

2. Grab a cocktail

C'mon... it's a holiday. If there isn't at least one drink involved, you're doing it wrong. One sip of this cocktail by Munchin With Munchkin will have you appreciating all the fine things the Earth has to offer... like the beautiful lavender that gives this drink its kick.

3. And then eat up

You know it's a party when there are CAKE POPS involved!! The Kitchn shares this easy recipe so you can savor all the sweet flavors this Earth has to offer.

4. Keep eating

Dirt pudding was THE BEST when you were a kid. Let the tradition live on into adulthood. Honestly, it's the best excuse you have for going crazy on a bag of fluorescent gummy worms. A Pretty Life In The Suburbs shows you what to do.

5. Give your garden a little love

Not into pudding cups? Fine. Satisfy your ultra swanky grownup tastebuds with a crunchy salad inspired by all the things you could grow in your garden. Packed with broccoli, fennel, carrots, and orzo, his colorful number by Blogging Over Thyme is nothing short of beautiful. Head to the farmers' market, and pick up all the refreshing ingredients you need.

6. Have an eco-friendly cup of coffee

You know you're supposed to turn the lights off in your house when you're not home. You know you're supposed to tote around reusable shopping bags, and support local farmers. But did you know you can help reduce your footprint just by switching up the way you take your cup of joe? Brew your coffee in a way that uses fewer materials and produces less waste — like a French press — and then make sure to reuse your coffee grounds. From cleaning products to beauty hacks, those beans can be used for a lot.

7. Walk somewhere

Look, I'm not calling you lazy. I'm just saying that, with the weather getting warmer and everything, it might be fun for you to, you know, use your legs. Go for a stroll. Give your car a little rest. It's good for you, it's good for the environment... look at that!! Everyone's happy.

8. Watch Schoolhouse Rock

Yeah yeah yeah... you're an adult now. But Schoolhouse Rock will always be relevant, and the lesson here is worth revisiting.

Images: Yannis, jen/Flickr; Giphy; Munchin With Munchkin; The Kitchn; Blogging Over Thyme