11 Times Khaleesi Was You When You Were So Over It

We all get to our breaking point at one time or another, right? Even the most cool, calm, and collected individuals among us have a limit. That said, I have always admired people who tell it exactly like it is. Personally, I think blunt and to the point is the way to be concerning all confrontational matters, so long as it's done in respectful and tactful ways. And so I try to live my life according to that mantra, as I’m sure many others do, too — and thankfully, we have an example in Game of Thrones' Khaleesi, who is all of us when we are so over something.

Unlike the rest of us, Khaleesi, aka Daenerys Targaryen, has the advantage of working off a well-polished script, so her zingers and quips pack the punch you and I might hope to, but probably don’t always. It’s cool, though. It’s not like I expect to be as outwardly fierce as a Targaryen all the time, right? (I do. I totally do.) But the fact remains that Khaleesi understands us all in spirit, and delivers epic verbal smackdowns that I could only dream of doing. So, let’s let her do the talking this time, as shown in these 11 times when Khaleesi was like you when you were just so over it:

1. When A Job Application Doesn't Let You Distinguish Between Receiving Your Bachelors And Your Masters Degrees

I spent two years covered in sweat and blood for this. I shall be acknowledged.

2. When You're In Three Different Queues For Adele Tickets And It Keeps Adding Time To Your Wait

Oh hell no.

3. When You Can't Take It Anymore And Go Pantless Before Dinner Time

So what, it's 4:30 pm? You can do what you want.

4. When Your Friend Is Being Lame AF And You Finally Manage To Drag Them Out To A Bar

And you'll like it.

5. When You Drop Some Hard Truths In A Fight

No regrets.

6. When Your Ex Hits You Up After You Just Became Facebook Official With Your New Bae

You know what to do.

7. When You're Stuck In Rush Hour Traffic And You Lean On The Horn

Rubbernecking is a heinous crime against your fellow commuters.

8. When Your Hair Stylist Is Giving You Crap About Using Your Flat Iron Too Much

But frizz totally can.

9. When He Takes Too Long To Text You Back, So You Take Even Longer To Text Him Back


10. When No One Can Decide On Where To Go To Dinner And You're Starving

And the choice is now what I want, not you.

11. When You're Doing A Presentation And Someone Actually Raises Their Hand At The End To Ask A Question

Don't be that guy. Just don't.

Tell 'em, Khaleesi.

Images: HBO; Giphy