The Exact Time You Can Watch 'HoC' Season 2 Is...

No longer is Valentine's Day a day of roses, chocolates, candy hearts that say "Page Me" and unrealistic romantic expectations. This Valentine's Day, you'll be getting a very special present from the folks at Netflix, as House of Cards Season 2 will drop at 3:01 a.m. Friday morning. That's right, while boyfriends and girlfriends are still stretching out in their queen sized beds, the Netflix elves are hard at work delivering you more episodes of the deliciously dangerous political series. And for those of us on the West Coast, we can stay up until 12:01 a.m., a mere minute past midnight, and start to dive into our Spacey-enduced-obsession pronto.

The problem with a midnight-ish launch, of course, is that we could all easily stay up all night and watch every single episode, depriving ourselves of both sleep and the excitement of spacing out each episode to heighten our anticipation. Lucky for us, the show's star Kevin Spacey announced a third season last week, and as the spoiled, we-need-it-now audience the show is catering to has become, it's surely the least they can do.

And in case you need a refresher, check out what you might have missed during each episode of Season 1 below:

Image: Getty Images