Mariah Carey's Re-Enactment of 'Mean Girls' With Nick Cannon Is Nothing Short of Oscar-Worthy — VIDEO

If you've ever felt personally victimized by Mariah Carey (or just called her a diva), now you have every right to. When the singer stopped by "MTV First: Mariah Carey" to debut the video for "You're Mine," in the middle of talking about American Idol and her album, her husband Nick Cannon dropped in, or as Carey put it, he "took over the whole show." And since he was there, host Sway Calloway decided that Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey should re-enact a scene from Mean Girls, because it's her favorite movie, and because why not?

The scene was the one where Regina introduces herself to Cady in the cafeteria for the first time, and I'm thinking that it's a good thing that Mariah Carey didn't audition for Regina's role, because it may not have gone to Rachel McAdams. Carey had the tone down perfectly, and delivered the "So you agree? You think you're really pretty?" and "Wait, why don't I know you?" lines with relish and aplomb. Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence should be scared. Very scared.

But I'd be even more scared if Carey found out that I was actually giving her Kalteen bars. Run for the hills!

You can watch Carey and Cannon below:

Image: Getty Images