11 Ways To Get Pumped For Mondays (It's Not Impossible)

Once the afternoon on Sunday rolls by, many of us start the inward cringe that's especially bookmarked for thoughts of Monday morning. With clogged inboxes, heavy to-do lists, and a bunch of loose ends that were abandoned on Friday, it can be hard to beat the Monday blues, but it's well worth the effort.

Imagine waking up in the morning and not wanting to scream into the pillow. Or think of a Monday where you roll out of bed and not toy with the idea of maybe eating that old Chinese food in the fridge just so you could cash in a sick day. Imagine, instead, that you slap the alarm off and then break into a musical inspired montage where you tap dance to the bathroom to do your hair and breeze out the door, excited for what the day will hold for you.

Alright, that one might be a little too ambitious, but you get what I mean. It'd be amazing to not live for the weekends and, instead, look forward to dive into work just as much as we look forward kicking back during the weekend. And that's totally doable. Below are 11 ways to get pumped for Mondays.

1. List Things You Hate About Mondays

It might seem counterintuitive to start a great day with a hate list, but by writing down the things that make you grumble, you can set plans on how to counteract them. Career writer Jacquelyn Smith from Forbes researched, "Sara Sutton Fell, CEO and founder of FlexJobs, suggests making a list of the things that are bringing you down in your job." Do you hate how you scramble during the beginning of the week? Get everything ready the night prior. Is it hard for you to jump back into work mode? Wake up 30 minutes earlier and ease yourself in by answering emails. Is your work environment dreary? Create an uplifting playlist. Little tweaks like that can help loads.

2. Plan Out Your Week Over The Weekend

Amp yourself up for all the great things you'll get to accomplish the following week by planning out your goals and tasks over the weekend. Lifestyle writer Stefan James at Lifehack offered, "One sure way to increase our motivation to work on Mondays is by planning the schedule for the entire workweek during the weekends." By planning ahead and giving yourself time to plot interesting new projects and pitches can light some ambition under you and get you excited to tackle the new week.

3. Start Off With Something Motivational

Rather than scrambling to make the train on time, start off your day with listening to something motivational that will get you in the mood to make it an amazing day. Lifestyle writer Karlene Smith from lifestyle site Think Health Magazine offered, "Get groovy by listening to your favourite music, poem, or motivational speaker on your way to work or school." Pop on an inspiring Ted Talk or put on an epic song and strut your way into work.

4. Focus On Making Others Happy

Whether it's buying a cup of fancy coffee for a coworker or complimenting someone's earrings on the bus, paying it forward will put you in a positive mood Monday morning. Lifestyle writer Barry Welford from Lifehack explained, "Think of the people you know and decide which of them might appreciate some kind gesture from you. It could be something small. Even saying hello to someone you see often but never greet can do wonders for their day." And not only seeing their happiness but feeling their appreciation will do wonders for you mood and put the day on a new track.

5. Pick Up Something Challenging

If work is feeling mundane, the issue could be you're not letting yourself work to your fullest potential. To make things more exciting, challenge yourself by asking for a more high-stakes project or a difficult task. MSN advised, "If you are doing the same thing over and over again, you might be comfortable with your work but bored. Get some challenging assignments to keep your spirits motivated." Feeling yourself tackle something hard and then exceling at it will only make you more ambitious and motivated, kicking the Monday blues away.

6. Take Enough Breaks

If you're walled in in your cubicle, you're going to feel like you're stuck in that awful daily grind rut. Instead, make sure to take enough breaks throughout your day to not only refresh, but to enjoy the day you're in. Laura Schwecherl from self-development site Greatist recommended, "Don’t stay glued to the cubicle all day. Take a walk to get some fresh air, avoid eating lunch at the desk, or if possible, hit the gym for a quick workout." Whether you go eat lunch at the cute bakery down the street or you take a quick 15 minute break to go buy ice cream, it'll help.

7. Make A List Of What You're Excited About

Rather than focusing on all the stressors at work, make a list of what you're excited to get your hands into that week. This will help you refocus your mood and put more weight on all the exciting things your job offers you. MSN pointed out, "Wouldn’t it be exciting if you had a list of things you looked forward to doing at work? This might change the way you look at every Monday." It's a great way to get new perspective.

8. Put Some Green On Your Desk

Whether it's a potted plant or a fresh bouquet of peonies you bought on the way to work, having something living and cheerful on your desk will greatly improve your mood. Health writer Aleisha Fetters from Daily Burn researched, "Keeping a plant on your desk can bring some much-needed life and color into an otherwise dreary workspace, says California-based licensed psychotherapist and Live Happy editor-at-large Stacy Kaiser." The lively splash of color will make you feel less like you're trapped in a cubicle farm, and it'll add some warmth to your office space.

9. Don't Bookmark The Weekends For the Fun Stuff

When you fall into the trap of living for the weekends, it comes as no surprise that Monday is met with a glower. Instead, try planning something exciting for your Monday evening so you wake up looking forward to a wonderful day. Schwecherl recommended, "So don’t only look forward to Saturday and Sunday; try to spread out the joy and plan something fun during the week, like a movie night with pals." If you have that in your calendar, how can you not look forward to Monday rolling by?

10. Wear Something Amazing

While a fabulous outfit doesn't solve everything, it sure doesn't hurt things. In order to feel happy stepping outside of the comfort of your apartment, put on something beautiful and creative to make you feel like a regular Carrie Bradshaw running around her city streets. Schwecherl advised, "New dress, new day. Save that latest fun purchase for Monday morning." Take out the coolest thing you own in your closet and shimmy it on.

11. Wrap Up Everything On Friday

To make sure the beginning of your week starts as easily as possible, try to leave as little loose ends as possible on Friday. Smith advised, "To help combat that Monday morning anxiety, be sure to leave yourself as few dreadful tasks as possible on Friday afternoon." Instead of leaving that big project or that annoying task hanging, just put in the man hours to finish it up before you head out and start your weekend. You'll thank yourself come the next week.

If you keep these in mind, you next Monday might be met with less of a grumble!

Images: @abeautifulmess/Instagram