45 Little Ways To Say "I Love You"

Some people find saying "I love you" really easy. It just rolls off their tongue. But it's harder for others. Whether you say it a thousand times a day or only on special occasions, there's no denying that actions speak louder than words. I'm a firm believer that it doesn't matter how much you say something if your actions don't back it up. If you tell someone you love them all the time, but always take them for granted, the whole thing can just feel a bit hollow.

But making a thousand grand gestures every day isn't realistic. Also, it would be a little weird. I mean, I like violins and roses as much as the next person, as in I like them once in a while and/or never. So how else can you show you care? How can you show someone you love them without spelling their initials out in the sky? Luckily, a whole lot of ways. Anything that makes someone smile helps. Although honestly, I was tempted to make this post just a massive list of different food you can give each other, because that is love as far as I'm concerned. But I tried to rein it in.

Here are 45 little ways to show someone you love them, because it all boils down to being there. But first, check out the latest episode our sex and relationships podcast "I Want It That Way":

1. A Quick Kiss

It always does the trick, especially right before bed or right before you walk out the door. It's something you shouldn't forget even if you're in a rush.

2. Leave Them A Note

It doesn't have to say "I love you," it's just nice to find one.

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3. A Look

You don't need to say anything.


Everyone loves chocolate... it's a favorite for a reason.

5. Also... Nachos

Better than chocolate.

6. Surprise Them

Sometimes, I leave a little present in my girlfriend's coat pocket, because I want to make her smile.

7. Make Time

No matter how busy you are, they need to feel like the top of your priority list. You don't need to drop everything all the time, but you do need to make time.

8. Make The Bed

We all hate doing it, but it's so nice to come back to.

8. Use Their Pet Name

Cutesy things that are just yours are the best. They're like your own secret ritual.

9. Make Them A Cup Of Coffee

Bring me coffee in bed and I am yours forever. Seriously. Showing that you love them enough to get out of bed first and do that is no small thing.

10. Suggesting You Play Hooky

Goofing off together can be the best.

11. Spontaneous Sex

It shows you love them — and lust them.

12. Run Them A Bath

The most luxurious thing in the world, especially when someone else does it for you.

13. ... Then Take The Bath With Them

Even better.

14. Take Care Of Them When They're Sick

Cleaning up snotty tissues is the truest form of love. Also, showing up with every cold medicine under the sun because you don't know what kind of cough they have. They'll appreciate it.

15. Being There To Do Nothing With Them

Just talking about nothing can be some of the most fun you have.

16. Listen

Be there when they need to talk.

17. Try A New Hobby Together

If you both look like idiots trying extreme ice skating, at least you'll be doing it together.

18. Sit Through Their Terrible Favorite TV Show

TV shows are bae. So letting your bae pick bae is double bae.

19. ... Or Their One Act Autobiographical Play, If You're Dating An Actor

RIP those 90 minutes of my life.

20. Be Sure To Remember The Little Things

They tell you things for a reason, and remembering little details shows you care. Whether it's a little quirk of their or funny story, pay attention.

21. Fix Their Favorite Meal

Being cooked for feels amazing, especially if it's your favorite food.

22. Be Kind To Their Friends

It makes life so much better.

23. Make An Effort With Their Family

It shows you love them and wins brownie points. Both are important in the long run.

24. Touch Noses

Eskimo kisses FTW.

25. Use Your Favorite Private Joke

No matter how down they are, having something that's private and silly that just the two of you know is always comforting.

26. Buy Flowers

And know which ones they like.

27. Show Up When They're Feeling Blue

Sometimes, when you don't want anybody around is when you really need somebody around.

28. Spoon

The utensil, and position, of true love. But really, making time to touch each other is so important. Hug. Cuddle. Hold hands.

29. Make Them Laugh

It makes everything better.

30. Give Them Space

Putting your ego aside when necessary shows love and maturity.

31. Go Dancing

Silly, romantic, and so much fun.

32. Have A Morning In Bed

Breakfast in bed? A total sex marathon? It doesn't matter. Spending the whole morning in bed is amazing.

33. Call Just To Say "I Love You"

If it's good enough for Stevie Wonder...

34. Carve Out A Date Night During A Busy Week

And make it special.

35. Take Photos

You don't need to be Instagramming your whole relationship, but taking the time to want to remember the moment is sweet.

36. Blow A Raspberry On Their Stomach

Just me?

37. Let Them Have More Of The Blanket

One day I hope to be mature enough to show my love this way. One day.

38. Give A Back Rub

De-stressing and lovely.

39. Help Clean Up

Even if it's their turn, it doesn't matter. It's a little thing but helping them is such an easy way to show you care.

40. Book A Weekend Away

A mini break is true love, that's what Bridget Jones says. And who knows more about love than her? OK, literally everyone. But still.

Take a Trip!

41. Play Their Favorite Song

Music is about as close as we get to magic. Bonus points is making them a whole playlist.

42. Tell Them What You Love About Them

It'll make them believe it.

43. Make Their Favorite Cocktail At Home

You can make all the sparks of a date night right at home. Don't forget the drink umbrellas.

44. Be A Sounding Board

Let them rant out their rough days, and try to put some perspective on it. You're there for support and for advice.

45. Say It When They're Not Expecting It

It works. And I don't think you can say it too much.

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