People From This Country Say "I Love You" The Most

One of the most difficult things to say is “I love you" to someone. This is most especially the case if you're saying "I love you" for the first time. It’s a gamble to not only fall in love, but to be able to say the words out loud and hope that the sentiment is returned. It’s also the phrase the most people long to hear...unless they’re British, says a new survey.

The online dating site EliteSingles recently surveyed 12,654 of their members worldwide to see where people are expressing their love for their partners most. What they found is that the Brits, with their notoriously stiff upper lip, aren’t all that into saying or receiving the big “L” word. In fact, not only are they so indifferent on the subject that only 23 percent of Brits want to hear “I love you” every day from their partner, but they need to hear it less than the rest of the English-speaking world. In comparison, the English-speaking country that wants to hear it the most is the United States. Seventy-three percent of respondents want to hear it every day. Who would have thought we were such a love-thirsty people?

The survey extended near and far to see people’s thoughts on both love and the gift of flowers between lovers, because, well, flowers seem to be a standard gift amongst couples. Here are five other findings from EliteSingles’ survey.

1. Spain Expects More Words Than Actions

According to the survey, the Spanish, while being an extremely romantic group, don’t want your damn flowers. The Spanish are the only nationality in the survey who would prefer to hear “I love you,” every day (35 percent) than to receive flowers from their partner (28 percent).

2. The UK Countries Aren’t Exactly Lovey-Dovey

Not only are the Brits not really into when it comes to expressing their love, but the Irish aren’t much better. While only 23 percent of Brits want to hear “I love you” every day, only 24 percent of the Irish want to hear it.

3. Canadians Are More Likely To Say ‘I Love You’ Than Australians

Canadians are more expressive with their love than both Australians and New Zealanders. While we already know that Americans, with 73 percent wanting to hear “I love you,” every day, are the most expressive with their emotions, Canadians are second in line at 66 percent, Australians come in at 58 percent, and New Zealanders are at 56 percent. We already covered the last two on the list… I’m looking at you UK folks out there.

4. The Dutch Are Even Less Expressive Than The Brits

If you gave your ol’ WTF face to the percentage of British who don’t care all that much about hearing “I love you” every day, then be prepared for your WTF face to contort even further: Only 10 percent of the Dutch want to hear the phrase every day.

In addition to snubbing the words, only 22 percent of the Dutch expect flowers from their beloved… from whom they don’t care about hearing, “I love you.” Maybe they prefer to say "I love you" with actions instead of words.

5. The French Make Us All Look Cold

Oh, the French. I feel like almost every stat regarding love and sex in the French culture deserves such a response, because there really are no surprises with them. The French, the people who basically invented love (and the French kiss and the ménage à trois and, most importantly, the croissant), are both most expressive and demanding of their love.

Of all the countries surveyed, it was found that, with 46 percent of them wanting to hear “I love you” every day, the French stay true to form in being the most romantic people in the world. They’re also the country where flowers are the most expected, with 65 percent probably sitting at home right now expecting their partner to walk through the door with flowers — and their partner probably will. Oh, the French.

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