Is Beyonce Wearing Ivy Park In The 'Lemonade' Trailer?

Beyonce released a trailer for an upcoming special, and it's got everyone wondering: Is it her new album? New music videos? A documentary? It's all very mysterious, but one thing is clear: Her wardrobe is fabulous as ever. So, is Beyonce wearing Ivy Park in the Lemonade trailer?

Well, maybe. It's actually a lot less straight forward than you'd think, given Beyonce's mastery of all things mysterious. Amidst a handful of elaborate runway-ready gowns, as well as a truly fabulous fur coat, there are, in fact, a couple of athleisure pieces thrown in. At one point in the video, she sports a gray bodycon top featuring some cutouts, and later on, she's seen briefly in an oversized black hoodie. Now, neither of these pieces are part of the Ivy Park collection as of yet — but that's not to say they won't be someday. After all, Beyonce was dropping Ivy Park clues as far back as her Superbowl performance, so who knows what all the Lemonade trailer outfits mean? Plus, she's already promised to expand her popular collection — so perhaps these two outfits are previews of Ivy Park apparel that are yet to come. Take a look for yourself.

HBO on YouTube

What do you think? Is there any future Ivy Park material in there? I'm thinking this gray cut-out top is at least Ivy Park adjacent.

Seriously, it's like an amped-up version of this racerback tank.

V-Back Mesh Insert Vest by Ivy Park, $40,

Then, there's this hoodie.

It's not an exact match — it seems to have a tighter fit, and the zipper's a different color — but this Ivy Park sweater is still pretty close.

Neoprene Zip-Through Hoodie, $82,

Cool, right? Though the moody atmosphere, tall grass, and menacing music are not included.

Images: HBO/YouTube; Courtesy Topshop