The Words In Beyonce's 'Lemonade' Trailer Have Deep Meaning For Fans To Analyze

If you're like me (and the rest of the world), you were super confused about what in the world Beyoncé's new world event, Lemonade, was when it was announced. If you watched the trailer and are still confused, then you and I are practically cousins. Welcome to the family. Now, in this new post-Lemonade trailer life, all I'm certain of is that there's going to be some of the same imagery from Formation, the event will premiere April 23 at 9 p.m. EST, and that my mind will inevitably be blown by whatever Beyoncé throws down (because duh). I'm completely thrown off by the visuals and what this piece is saying, so let's take a moment and try to nail down what the words in Beyoncé's Lemonade trailer really mean.

On a semi-related note, can we talk about how nothing Bey does ever seems to get leaked before she wants it to leak? How does she do that? Either the Queen has a super loyal crew around her or she straight up memory wipes people who are about to cross her with those flashy stick things the guys from Men in Black use. But, alas, I digress, and on to Bey's haunting words in her trailer.

1. "The Past And The Present Merge To Meet Us Here"

This leads me to believe there's going to be some old school Bey reminiscing in Lemonade. I think we're going to see some archive footage of her doing her thang from early on.

2. "What Are You Hiding?"

Now, I'm inclined to believe she's talking straight up to herself here. If the past and present are meeting up, all her old mistakes are meeting up too and it's time to deal with them.

3. "Imagine Lovers As Trees"

So like, lovers are things that grow maybe next to each other but are also their own completely different organisms with their own roots and their own rings and their own birds nests inside. They are strong, but they can be chopped down. So, for example, Bey and Jay are together, but they are also their own people.

4. "Why Can't You See Me?"

Maybe Bey's asking herself why she can't see her true, flawed self?

5. " Love Of My, You Are The Love Of My Life"

Sorry Jay, I think this goes out to Blue Ivy. There's definitely some sort of connection between Beyonce wanting to be true to herself because of the little piece of herself that's in the world, her daughter.

6. "Wrap Your Legs Around Me"

The connotation with a good ole leg wrap is two lovers. But I'm going to stick with my self-love, daughter-love hypothesis and say this is referring to Blue Ivy being picked up (as babies often are) and wrapping her little legs around her mother's hips. Bey's telling her daughter that, though she isn't perfect, she's got her baby covered and will always protect her.

7. "What Am I Doing My Love?"

I think it's safe to say all mothers feel a little lost and confused sometimes, not sure what they have done or are going to do next. Even queens are no different.

8. "Pull Me In, Pull Me In, Pull Me In"

Nothing pulls a person "in" quite like having a child to take care of. Suddenly, people find themselves wanting the world to be a better place for this little chunk of baby fat they've put into the universe.

There you have it. My theory about Lemonade is that it is a haunting love letter to Beyoncé's role as a proud mama. Of course, I could be dead wrong and it could be about a really awesome tree (a la The Giving Tree) that Bey met once and decided to dedicate an entire HBO event to. There's only one way to find out, and that's to tune in to Lemonade on Saturday at 9 p.m. EST. You can also concoct your own crazy fan theories by watching the trailer below.

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