Will Daniel Passino Win ‘The Voice’? Here’s Why He Has A Real Shot

Things are really starting to heat up on this season of The Voice. All of the singers remaining are pretty amazing, so it's tough to narrow it down and predict a winner, but it is obvious that Daniel Passino has a shot at winning The Voice . I can see why some viewers would be skeptical about this statement since he was once eliminated from the competition, but hear me out. The dude has star quality and he has a legit shot at winning the show. The Team Pharrell member has the singing talent and the charisma to win it all this season. He impresses every. single. time. There is no denying that.

The Voice is one of the only times when having too much talent is actually a problem. How is America supposed to vote for a winner with such an amazing pool of people? Even if you decided to vote for every single contestant, all the votes would cancel each other out. With so many other great singers on the show, it can be tough to align yourself with just one of them, but there is a lot to say about Daniel's time on the show that explains why he should be the winner.

He Got Christina & Blake To Turn Around At Blind Auditions

The Voice on YouTube

Christina Aguilera turned around immediately when Daniel initially performed on The Voice stage. Blake Shelton even stepped outside of his wheelhouse and pleaded for Daniel to join his team. And on top of that, Pharrell expressed how upset he was that he could not press his button in time. All of these musical superstars see the potential in Daniel and that is a big deal.

He Received A Second Chance From Pharrell

Pharrell definitely regretted letting Daniel slip through his fingers during the blind auditions. Now that Daniel is on Team Pharrell, he is a part of an ideal coaching match and will be able to succeed.

He Studied Vocal Performance In College

Daniel is not just trying to sing for fun. According to his NBC biography, Daniel majored in Vocal Performance at the University of Michigan and was a member of a well-known a cappella group called The Friars. He has studied his craft and takes it very seriously, which will definitely help him crank out some great performances as the show goes on.

He Got Voted Into The Top 12

If you're caught up on The Voice, you already know that Daniel is in the top 12. Not only that, but he was voted in by the viewers. Some of the other singers got to that point with a save from the coaches, but Daniel has America's support to help push him through.

He Has That X Factor

The Voice on YouTube

Daniel has a combination of factors that make him a potential winner on this show. He is an amazing singer, he knows how to work the stage, and he just has a lovable persona. There is just too much to love about Daniel and he deserves to win.

He Was Already Voted Out

This might seem like a weakness, but I think that the fact that Daniel has already been eliminated from the competition has scared his fans and motivated them to put extra effort into voting on all forms of media. Plus, everyone loves a comeback story.

Even with the stiff competition remaining, Daniel is an underdog who has what it takes to take this thing home.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC