Nick Hagelin & Daniel Passino Make 'The Voice' Top 12 & Defy The Odds As True Comeback Kids

The comeback story continues for Nick Hagelin and Daniel Passino on The Voice . They were eliminated on the show during the knockout rounds and were given a chance to continue with the live playoffs. Daniel Passino was a former member of Team Christina who was scooped up by Pharrell Williams for his second shot. And in a weird twist of fate, Nick Hagelin used to be on Team Pharrell and has landed himself on Team Christina. So, it was a clean switcheroo. These two comeback singers made it to the Top 12 on The Voice, despite the odds. And, on top of rooting for two very talented singers, it is also very captivating for the fans seeing these two continue their comeback streak. They didn't even need to be saved by their coaches to move on during Wednesday night's show, they had the support of the voters behind them and made it to next week's performances all on their own.

Maybe it just took a scare to get their fans motivated and determined to vote as much as possible? That would make sense to me. Or maybe the viewers just didn't know how much they loved these guys until they were gone. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Sure, they weren't really "absent," but they were eliminated for a pretty short period of time. So it just makes sense to root for the two of them to continue their success.

Who doesn't love a comeback story? Yes, it's great to watch talented singers give us flawless covers week after week, but is that really relatable? Now we have two artists who have publicly struggled before their careers really began. Not only do they have the talent, but they also have a compelling back story that I bet will incense the viewers to pick up their phones and continue to vote on their behalf.

Will their comeback journeys continue or is this is the end of the good luck streak for Daniel Passino and Nick Hagelin? Unfortunately, I do not have the answer to that question since The Voice is all live shows at this point, so we all have to be patient and wait around for next week.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC