How Much It Costs To Live At Disney World

If you have ever been to Disney World, you never wanted to leave that amazing place. After all, it's where your imagination and love for everything magical comes to life right in front of your eyes. You don't even care how much it costs to live at Disney World — money is not important. What's important is that you get to stay near the rides, food, and cast members for as long as possible. But just in case you were wondering ... it is totally possible to live there, and there's a ballpark figure on how much it would cost you floating around.

Quick disclaimer: you would not actually be living inside of the theme park. The only way to do that is to transform into one of the hundreds of cats roaming around the area. If you are a mere mortal, you will have to settle for living in a beautiful community just a shuttle ride away from the park. Turns out that some property owned by Disney is going on sale. You can snatch a beautiful home, full of perks and amenities ... for a mere two million dollars. (SNAP.) Time to start saving now, future millionaires, so that someday your live-close-to-Disney dreams can come true.

For those looking for the specifics, communities in prime neighborhoods like Marceline, Carolwood, Silverbrook, and Kimball Trace are opening up their doors and letting new families move in. Once you have a permanent location picked out, you'll be minutes away from the theme park and can basically retire from happiness. Here is a Google Maps image of the neighborhoods in question.

They look quant and very family friendly. Lake front views and streets for days. I can already see many Disney original movies being shot here.

You will also be part of the Guest Services culture at Disney where your plans can be turned into a reality by professionals who know how to get things done. Your wish-list is their to-do list. You'll be living in your very own Beauty and the Beast montage every day!

If you think you need more things to do around the area, then I have some news for you! Sing-a-longs, family game nights and dinner parties are all underneath your finger tips. Disney wants you to escape your worries for a couple of ours, and enjoy being close with the ones you love.

Obviously this option is not for everyone (sorry, wallet). But hey, if you're got the money to burn and you find yourself going to Disney World a lot, you might consider investing into something more permanent. This is clearly a very big luxury and something you can dream about when you are a rich billionaire with a string of planets named after you.

Images: Google Maps