Rory Gilmore Was The Voice Of Bookworms Everywhere

by Caitlin Flynn

I absolutely cannot wait for the Gilmore Girls revival to hit Netflix, and I have plenty of company, because it would basically be the understatement of the century to say that fans everywhere collectively went insane with excitement when the revival was announced. It's been nearly a decade since saw the Gilmore fam and the lovable, quirky residents of Stars Hollow ride off into the sunset and I still have so many questions. Have Paul Anka's fortune-telling skills improved since the last time he graced our small screens? Is Rory really teaching at Chilton? Did Luke and Lorelai finally find a way to make it work? But, perhaps most importantly, I'm absolutely dying to know what Rory Gilmore is reading in 2016.

There are countless reasons that I fell in love with Gilmore Girls from the moment I watched the pilot, but the main one is that it was a unique breath of fresh air when it came to tween and teen TV shows. Heroines were typically stylish, popular party girls, and I loved Rory for being an introverted bookworm whose BFF was her mom. Plus, she was the much-needed voice of book lovers everywhere — whether she was toting a book to a school dance or paying tribute to the written word in her graduation speech, books were always one of the most important aspects of Rory's life.

Here are 11 times Rory spoke to our book-loving souls:

1. When She Filled Her Dresser Drawers With Books

Rory's bookshelves couldn't fit all her books, so she resorted to storing them in her dresser drawers. She's so resourceful — no wonder she was Ivy League-bound from Day One.

2. When She Loved The Smell Of A Good Book

This is so relatable, am I right? The joy I get smell of books trumps even the most expensive of perfumes.

3. When She Refused To Talk About Sex In Front Of Books

Seriously, Lane, let's keep the conversation PG when the books are around.

4. When She Was Genuinely Worried About Her Books' Feelings

Well, can they?

5. When She Wore This Amazing Shirt

Fact: Immediately after this episode aired, I frantically searched online shops until I found Rory's exact shirt. It's a little worse for the wear 12 years later, but I will keep it for the rest of my life.

6. When She Realized There Are So Many Books & So Little Time

Every waking hour must be spent reading. And if you still can't read as many books as you want? The answer is, of course, to cut back on sleep.

7. When She Brought A Book Everywhere

...including to school dances. Wait, are there people who don't do this?

8. When Her Flirting Style Was Centered Around Books

When Jess called Rory a book tease, we knew we'd found this show's ultimate 'ship.

9. When She Extolled The Virtues Of English Class

"I can't believe we get to sit around talk about books and get graded!" Rory joyfully told Lorelai during her first semester of college.

10. When She Knew That Books Are Often Better Company Than People

Let's be real — Rory's Chilton classmates weren't the kindest bunch. She had zero qualms about sitting by herself with a good book during lunch and I totally wish I'd been brave enough to do this in high school. After all, reading is sexy.

11. When She Paid Tribute To Books In Her Valedictorian Speech

Although the best moment of Rory's graduation speech was her tribute to Lorelai (which, by the way, will never not make me cry), a close second was definitely when she summed up why we all love books so much — they transport us to different worlds and their pages expose us to countless amazing experiences.

When we return to Stars Hollow in not too long, I'm sure plenty of things will have changed — but we can definitely still count on Rory to be the voice of bookworms everywhere.

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