How To Host A Pinterest-Worthy Bridal Shower

If wedding bells are in your best friend’s future and you find yourself in the role of maid of honor or bridesmaid, chances are you have your plate full of planning for your favorite bride-to-be. If throwing the bridal shower is among your responsibilities, guarantee a successful (and stress-free) evening with six tips for hosting a dinner party — including hiring a personal chef without breaking the bank. While the bride is busy planning her special day, you’re in charge of making sure her bridal shower is just as exceptional. Use your savvy every step of the way to orchestrate the perfect party — from Pinterest-worthy decorations to a delicious dinner menu lineup everyone will enjoy.

The ultimate hack for the perfect evening that takes a huge weight off your shoulders? Relieve yourself of kitchen duties — from grocery shopping, to cooking, to serving, to cleanup — with a hired personal chef that will definitely up the fête’s wow-factor. For what it would cost you to take everyone out to a restaurant, you can opt instead for an unparalleled culinary experience with a personalized menu, crafted at home. MiumMium is the largest online marketplace for affordable personal chefs, making it simple to book the perfect chef for a special occasion. Launched in December 2015 by Chef Chloe St-Cyr, the platform has already expanded to over 10,000 chefs from North America, Europe, and Australia, ready for hire for everything from engagement parties to girls’ nights and barbecues. I spoke with St-Cyr to hear more about using the service, and to see what other advice she could share for hosting a classy, stress-free dinner party.

1. Pick A Theme

Kick off your planning by choosing a theme for your event. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top, but just something that brings cohesion to the party and provides direction for the rest of planning. Work with the bride to identify what environment would resonate with her for the party, and take it from there to find decorations and a menu that fit around the theme. St-Cyr gives the example of choosing a time period for the party, with the invitations, music, and even the menu, playing to the decade. MiumMium chefs can custom-make menus, so you can have some fun crafting the perfect dishes.

2. Go Paperless

Be fashion-forward and environmentally friendly by ditching the (costly) paper invites. Send personalized e-vites to each of your guests, using Paperless Post or Punchbowl. Not only will the invites be visually stunning and not get lost in the snail mail, but they'll be much easier to check in with once you're following up on RSVPs.

3. Host At Home, And Do Your Own Decorations

Forgo renting a venue, and opt instead for hosting at home. It will make for a more intimate experience and you'll have more freedom when it comes to timing, photos, activities, and decorations. Consider some fun bridal shower activities to add to the agenda for the evening. Decorate the space with flowers and candles as well as your own creations, like dressed up dinner napkins, stamped name tag place cards, and other beautiful DIY decor.

4. Impress Your Guests By Hiring A Personal Chef

Make your bridal shower an unparalleled experience by hiring a personal chef to serve up a customized menu for you and your guests. The MiumMium chef handles everything from start to finish, so you can enjoy the service with zero stress. At just $50 per person on average, you'll get a first class experience at a fraction of the cost. Book a week or more in advance, and plan with your chef to create the perfect menu for your dinner party, taking into account special preferences and dietary restrictions. You can even plan a cooking demonstration for your guests for added fun and entertainment.

5. Serve Up Perfect Drink Pairings And A Signature Cocktail

Work with your chef to identify drinks that pair well with the menu. Give guests a couple of options, like red or white wine depending on the dish and a mixed drink, but keep it simple (you can always ask guests to BYOB if they prefer something different). Craft a "signature" drink for the evening and name it after the bride, using your mixology skills to conjure up the perfect cocktail showcasing her liquor of choice. Planning ahead will ensure you have all the right ingredients to continue serving throughout the evening, keeping everyone spirited.

6. Set The Mood With Music

Finally, set the mood for your soirée with the perfect playlist. Craft a collection of mellow tracks that provide some lovely background music, enhancing the ambiance of the evening and bettering banter and engagement. If you chose a theme, play to it here. Or simply queue up some of your acoustic favorites that flow well into one another. Keep the volume low, just loud enough to break the silence and add some texture to the space.

Images: Unsplash (4), A Beautiful Mess (2), Pexels