How Married Couples Vs. Single People Fight — VIDEO

There's a difference between how married and single people fight, and a new Buzzfeed Yellow video provides a little lighthearted insight. Of course, everyone has their own unique fighting style (passive aggressive! aggressive aggressive! gaslighting!) but, stakes are much higher when you've, say, had an expensive party to celebrate your union in front of friends and family, changed your last name, or signed a legally binding document that will cost hella cash to get out of.

Regardless of whether you're married or single or in a LTR, fighting shouldn't be seen as awful as some folks seem to think it is. Conflict in a relationship is often just a passionate expression of divergent expectations two people bring to a situation. You don't have to be that couple who never shares a harsh word, but instead can learn productive ways to fight that produce fruitful outcomes or positive changes in your relationship. Simple listening and processing tips will go a long way to make sure your battles are more like calm debates and your fights don't devolve into screaming matches that leave both people more angry, hurt and detached than they were before the fight. In a perfect world, we'd all be champions of this kind of civil warfare. But until then, there's videos like this one:

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Images: Buzzfeed Yellow/YouTube