Was The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Date Revealed?

by Lindsay Mannering

Update: Kevin Porter of the Gilmore Guys podcast corrected this rumor: Ben Epstein did not say that Lauren Graham revealed a potential release date of December. That rumor is very misleading and inaccurate, Porter says.

So guys, we're back to the drawing board. Your guess is as good as ours (and to be clear, we're still guessing that it's a December or January release). Let the count down begin!

Earlier: First things first, you rabid Gilmore Girls fans, you. What I'm about to write is not confirmed. It's merely speculation. It's a rumor! We cannot say for certain that it's true, at all, but nevertheless, it's something you should know. You deserve to know. OK! So. According to GilmoreGirlsOnly, a fan account on Instagram, Ben Epstein, who's a guest on the Gilmore Guys podcast, which is a fan account you listen to in your earbuds, recently spoke to Lauren Graham in Hollywood. Epstein allegedly says on the most recent episode of the pod that Graham said that the Gilmore Girls revival will probably hit Netflix sometime in December.

Merrrrrry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, happy Kwanza, happy Winter Solstice, happy birthday to me, and happy New Year to us all!

Now, granted, many fans had already done some math and had estimated that the revival would be dropping in December 2016 or January 2017, so it's not that big of a shock to hear that Graham potentially confirmed December, but hey! It's something, and we'll take it. And who knows, maybe production will go super smoothly and super fast (Melissa McCarthy — yes! she's back! you heard that, right? — will reportedly only be on set for a couple of hours) and they'll bang these four episodes out in time for Thanksgiving.

I'm sorry, but could you imagine the bliss that would be settling in for the Gilmore revival with a belly full of turkey, a plate of pancakes, Chinese food, pizza, and an enormous bucket of coffee sitting in front of you? The heart swells with joy (and cholesterol) at the thought of it.

Best part is, that scenario is also applicable to the month of December. Bring on the revival, bring on the tryptophan, and bring. on. the. caffeine. Six months can't pass soon enough.