Jay Z & Mariah Carey Give Early, Glamorous V-Day Gifts, What About The Rest of Us?

Leave it to celebrities to continuously prove how much more awesome they are than us ordinary folks by doling out Valentine's presents that are not only early, but ridiculously glamorous. I'm sure tomorrow will unfurl a boat load of envy-inducing gifts that will leave me seething and questioning whether anyone truly loves me on this godforsaken "holiday," but for now there are two celebs who got a serious jump start on the day for lovers. *Cue Billy Ray Cyrus' newly-released Hip Hop version of "Achy Breaky Heart" *

Getting the ball rolling early is Jay Z, who is becoming more and more open about the fact that he is undoubtedly smitten with his wife Beyoncé. For Valentine's Day, he presented the "Drunk in Love" singer with a gold and silver Tacori promise bracelet hand-picked by her stylist Ty Hunter. Although she's earned a well-deserved rep for being able to keep secrets, according to Hunter, she's apparently not as tolerant when it comes to people leaving her out of the loop. This is what prompted Jay's early V-Day offering. After successfully joining her hubby in completing a 22-day vegan diet, I see no problem with this arrangement.

But the "early bird gets the worm" celebrity gift-giving doesn't stop there. In ultimate "Mimi" fashion, Mariah Carey proves that for every nanny she swiftly taketh away, she giveth something much more grand. To commemorate the Valentine's Day event "Love Above All," she illuminated the Empire State Building in red and pink lights to help celebrate the union of three couples who won the opportunity to be married atop the New York City landmark tomorrow.

In addition to her heart-fluttering V-Day contribution, Carey will also bless us with romance-drenched music with the release of a video to her new single, "You're Mine (Eternal)," off her upcoming album The Art of Letting Go. The cover art is the epitome of Valentine's Day, featuring those cute little Sweethearts candies that bear heartfelt messages. Sigh.

Typically, I've managed to bypass the hype that surrounds February 14, but bearing witness to these celebrity demonstrations of adoration almost tempts me to indulge. After all, it's the thought behind the gift that matters, but I must admit if someone I loved thought this much of me, it would definitely count.

Image: Getty Images