Proof The Photo Of Taylor Swift Reaching For Calvin Harris At Coachella Is Applicable To Any Situation

The thing I love most about Taylor Swift — more than her prolific music career and enviable style — is her good spirited, self-deprecating sense of humor. The singer is absolutely not afraid to laugh at herself and honestly, I think it's what's gotten her so far in life. A great example of this humble type of humor? Taylor Swift posted a picture of herself watching Calvin Harris perform at Coachella on her Instagram, and it's as dramatic as it is endearing, and she totally owns it.

She captioned the picture, "Watching @calvinharris like [heart eyes emoji] #coachella." But while heart eyes for her boyfriend is one way to view it, Swift's exaggerated, affectionate gaze and outstretched arms have provided the perfect opportunity for the Internet to latch on and make this another one of those immortal sorts of images. Basically, this picture is the epitome of meme fodder because of its versatility and relatability and the sheer fact that it is self-aware in its drama. So, clearly, I took the liberty of making it into a meme myself, because I am an opportunist and because I like to have fun.

Here is proof that this particular Swift Instagram photo is applicable in basically any situation.

1. When You See A Dog In A Passing Car

"We could have been best friends!"

2. When The Barista Asks If Anyone Wants The Venti Caramel Frapuccino That No One Claimed

Dreams do come true.

3. When You're On A Long Ass Line And The Cashier Asks If Anyone's Paying With Credit Or Debit

*Holds up card* *Backflips out of line* *Sprints to the new one*

4. When You Watch Your Paycheck Go To Student Loans And Rent

Bye, sweet freedom. Bye, hard work. Bye, pair of shoes I really wanted.

5. When It's Raining During An Uber Surge And You See A Yellow Taxi In The Distance

*Gets in cab* *Plays Bruno Mars's "When I Was Your Man"* *Hopes taxi will forgive me for my cab philandering*

6. When You Miss The Ice Cream Man By 30 Seconds

Crushing defeat.

7. When Everyone's Getting Served At The Bar But You

And you wave your money like a red cape at a bull fight.

8. When You Accidentally Let Go Of Your Balloon


9. When You're Trying To Reach Something* On The Top Shelf

*The only morsel of edible food left in your pantry/the whole house.

10. When Tina Fey Asks If You've Been Personally Victimized By Regina George


11. When You Cosplay As The Statue Of Liberty

On. Point.

12. When You're In Calculus And The Professor Asks If Anybody Has Any Questions

Yes, actually. What the hell is going on, sir?

13. When You Reluctantly Drive Your BFF To The Airport And Stay To Watch The Plane Take Off

Maybe you're a little co-dependent. So what?

14. When You're Stuck In A Mosh Pit And You Look For Your Tall Friend To Help You Out

This literally happened to me once. Lots of tears.

15. When Your Arms Are Tired But You Still Try To Reach The Last Monkey Bar

You're not a quitter.

16. When Someone Grabs Your Phone To Take A Pic But You Have Screenshots Of Conversations With Them In Your Camera Roll


This is a picture that is going to keep on giving.