Where To Buy Kylie Jenner's Selfie Shirt, Because It's Totally Fabulous — PHOTOS

I think we can all probably agree that she's worn a lot of strange things before, but this one definitely has to take the cake. Kylie Jenner wore a shirt with her face on it, according to Us Weekly, but if you're thinking — NBD, I mean, Kim wore a jacket with her selfies all over it — this is where things get a little weird. The picture of herself is actually a really unflattering picture, which seems a bit off-brand considering literally all of Jenner's social media accounts. And fans are freaking out and demanding to know where they can buy it. Naturally.

Kylie has gotten her fair (although very unfair) share of criticism in the media regarding her looks, but she's definitely not letting it get to her. The 18-year-old posted a picture to Instagram on Monday, taking a mirror selfie wearing a tee shirt with a photo of herself printed onto it. The not-so-flattering image is one you probably recognize — it went viral in 2015 when memes starting popping up using it to criticize Jenner's looks. And now it seems like Kylie's joining them, proving that she's totally in on the joke and no amount of hate is going to get her down. It's totally OK to take an unflattering photo and rock it; we don't have to be perfect all the time. Take that, haters.

And because anything she does is a fashion statement, fans are taking to Twitter to demand to know where they can buy the shirt. Though this shirt is probably custom printed and not available to buy from a store, here are some options for how you can rock Kylie's face on your shirt.

1. Zazzle

White T-Shirt, $19, zazzle.com

Create it yourself! Just upload the photo (or whichever photo you want) onto Zazzle and voila! It's yours.

2. Collage

Collage Shirt, $24.99, etsy.com

Just go hard with your Kylie love.

3. Crop Top

Kylie Jenner Crop Top, $12.99, etsy.com

You'll be on trend and all that jazz.

4. Hair Flip

Kylie Jenner Tank, $16.99, etsy.com

Fabulosity at it's finest.

5. Middle Finger

Kylie Jenner Shirt, $24.18, redbubble.com

Show the haters where they can go.

6. Paper Magazine

Paper Magazine Shirt, $24.80, redbubble.com

This was a pretty controversial cover, so rock it and show your support.

7. King Kylie

Criminal Shirt, $24.80, redbubble.com


Images: Etsy; Red Bubble