'GG' Needs To Answer These Lorelai Questions

Ever since news of a Gilmore Girls revival broke, fans of the show — and frankly, people of the world — began asking questions. How will it all work? Will we skip ahead in time? Will Amy Sherman-Palladino be back to finish the job? What are the final four words? You know, those sorts of things. But besides such valid inquires (regarding the logistics of reviving a show that's been off the air for nine years) there are other, seemingly more important questions that we should all be asking. Like the questions about Lorelai that Gilmore Girls left unanswered.

When we left Lorelai last, things were looking up for her. Though she had to part ways with her BFF/daughter Rory due to Rory's career aspirations, Lorelai was doing alright. She was even at a good spot with her mother, and that's saying something for her. But there are still so many things we didn't know about what path Lorelai's life followed. So many loose ends that never got tied up.

The revival is both a blessing a curse for this. It's possible that our concerns about Lorelai's life will be addressed, but it's also possible that they will be glossed over. Fingers crossed that it's the former, and that come the revival, we can all collectively sigh in relief, as these 23 questions about Lorelai finally get answered.

1. Are Luke And Lorelai Together?

OK, so we know the answer for this one. According to this major spoiler, not only are Luke and Lorelai together, they are engaged. But the series didn't make that clear when it ended.

2. Will They Have A Wedding?

Jury's still out on whether or not these two will actually tie the knot, but please, please say it's so.

3. Did Luke Propose Or Did Lorelai?

Remember when Lorelai proposed back in Season 5? Could have happened again.

4. Did Luke Re-Buy The Twickham House For Her?

In Season 5, Luke fought for the Twickham house, hoping that he and Lorelai could take up residence in it... only to find out that she wasn't interested in leaving her own home.

5. Do They Have Kids?

Think about how great a mini Rory Gilmore with a backwards cap on and a curmudgeon attitude would be. No, really. Think about it.

6. Do Lorelai And April Get Along?

Considering April will now be an adult (weird!), let's hope these two got over any strangeness that haunted them in the past.

7. Why Did It Take These Two So Long For Luke And Lorelai To Realize Their Feelings?

Just a question that I — and I think we, as a collective conscious — have always wondered. It was so obviously clear from day one that they were meant for each other.

8. Do Lorelai And Chris Still Talk?

I see no reason for them to be in contact at this point, but he will be returning for the revival.

9. Did Lorelai Still Go To Friday Night Dinners?

I imagine they are awkward without Rory as a buffer.

10. Did Lorelai Keep the Dragonfly Inn?

Is it thriving? Did it feel any repercussions from the recession? (Also, does Michel still work there? Considering Yanic Trusdae will be in the revival, I'm thinking yes.)

11. What Happened to Max?

You know that Chuppah Luke made was supposed to be for Max and Lorelai's wedding. Do you think he ever claimed it? I bet he's still teaching at Chilton. Perhaps alongside Rory?

12. Where Did All The Anvils Go?

They were ubiquitous!

13. Did Lorelai And Emily Get Closer?

Maybe Emily loosened up her reigns after Rory left.

14. Are Sookie And Lorelai Still Best Friends?

Sookie's a busy lady with three kids and Jackson for a husband. Just think about all the time she spends talking produce with him. I'm concerned that, over the years, Sookie and Lorelai might have drifted apart.

15. What Happened To Peyton?

Jon. Hamm. What happened to Jon Hamm?!

16. Does Lorelai Still Watch VHS Tapes?

Or did she finally succumb to streaming? Would love to see what's in her Netflix queue.

17. Does She Still Have Paul Anka?

If this is a no, I will sob.

18. Does She Still Go To Luke’s Diner Every Day?

I mean, where else would she go to feed herself? Hell would freeze over sooner than Lorelai Gilmore would be able to cook meals for herself. I say that with the utmost amount of respect.

19. Does She Still Have a Magical Metabolism?

Oh, to be a fictional character.

20. What About An Affinity for Diner Coffee?

Luke's coffee*, I mean. (Aw.)

21. Did Lorelai Ever Get A New Car?

That Jeep looked like it was on its last legs for a while.

22. How Much Did She Miss Rory?

The prodigal daughter (will) return(s)! I wonder if the time these two spent away from each other affected their closeness.

23. So, Seriously... Will Lorelai Marry Luke Or No?

I need to know if my eyes will witness that kind of glory before I can sleep at night.

If you need me, I'll be in the corner, rocking back and forth, incessantly muttering these questions to myself until the revival premieres. Please send help. (Help = coffee and/or pizza, obviously.)

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