17 Rory Gilmore Questions 'Gilmore Girls' Left Unanswered

When Gilmore Girls had its series finale back in 2007, the first thought that probably came to your mind besides "well, what do I do with my life now?" was just a plain old "what?" Mostly because the ending of Gilmore Girls — though a proper and poignant one — didn't wrap everything up like fans would have hoped. Especially for one Rory Gilmore. This could have been because Amy Sherman-Palladino (creator of the show) was no longer involved, or it could have been because pleasing everyone and answering every single question for a show's finale always proves to be impossible. But, now that the revival is a go and coming up fast, the memories of all the Gilmore Girls unanswered questions about Rory are probably flooding back into your consciousness. And, what's better, this time they have a shot at being answered.

Yes, the questions surrounding Gilmore Girls that have been ruminating in the back of your mind for eight years might finally be rectified during the impending Netflix revival. The series will consist of four 90-minute parts, and will bring back all the major and minor Stars Hollow players, so there's ample time and resources for Sherman-Palladino and company to soothe the fandom's long standing inquires about Rory and her life. Let's start with the most obvious points of uncertainty, shall we?

1. Who Does Rory End Up With?

Logan, Dean, Jess, someone else? When Rory denied Logan's proposal in Season 7, it seemed like the two would be done forever, but fans of the pair are probably still holding out hope. It's been confirmed that Rory will be single at the start of the revival and that all three of her exes will be present, so who knows what could happen.

2. Does She Still Speak To Any Of Her Exes?

Jess, in particular. Jess had a way of popping up every now and again throughout the series — which made supporters of these two ever so hopeful for a romantic reunion. So did Rory keep in touch with Jess? Or Logan? Or... Dean?!

3. Is She Still In Love With Any Of Her Exes?

And if so, does she know it?

4. Did She Ever Attend Another Daughters of the American Revolution Meeting?

Never say never.

5. How Many Different Hairstyles Has She Had Since We Last Saw Her?

There was probably a lob at some point, right?

6. Where Did Rory's Career Take Her?

All right, we sort of know the answer to this one. According to Entertainment Weekly, Rory didn't make it as a journalist. It looks like she might be a teacher when we meet up with her next.

7. Is She Friends With Obama?

They are tight, right?

8. Does She Have A Blog?

Why wouldn't she have a blog?

9. Does She Have A Lot Of Twitter Followers?

I bet she does. But you know who probably has more? Lorelai Gilmore. Or Paul Anka.

10. What Happened To The Rory Gilmore Astronomy Building At Yale?

It was mysteriously never revisited again.

11. How Did Rory Take A Year Off Yale And Still Graduate?

How was she not so far behind? Isn't Yale, like, hard?

12. How Was Rory Valedictorian At Chilton?

Remember when Rory got a D during her first semester at Chilton, and Paris cried when she got an A-. How in Tristan's name would Rory have beat out Paris for Valedictorian?

13. Did Rory Ever Hear From Tristan Again?

No, but seriously.

14. Are Rory And Lane Still Close?

Lane has two children (at least) and a husband. Do these two still make time to see each other?

15. What About Rory And Paris?

Paris is (hopefully) married to Doyle and a world renowned doctor at this point, so it's fair to say that she's pretty busy.

16. Does Rory Have A Stepdad Now?

So we know — OK, we think we know — that Luke and Lorelai aren't married at the beginning of the revival. But they are very possibly engaged. So, does Rory call Luke "Dad" already? Does it make him uncomfortable? (Uncomfortable as in he shakes he head, but secretly loves it, in typical Luke fashion.)

17. Does Rory Still Have A Caffeine "Problem?"

Is her heart OK? I would be lying if I said I didn't worry about it.

Must. Have. Answers. Now.

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