Taylor Swift's House Tour Reveals 19 Incredibly Cool Things She Keeps In Her Home

Taylor Swift is obviously good at a great many things, including but not limited to making awesome music, and she has the Grammys to prove it. But if this whole pop legend thing doesn't work out, she could easily have a career in interior decorating. I've always been fascinated by Swift's homes, from the Nashville apartment that featured a human-sized birdcage inside to her massive, idyllic Rhode Island mansion on the beach, and now, there's another gorgeous house to add to the list. As part of an interview with Vogue, Taylor Swift gave a tour of her Beverly Hills house, and what's inside is nothing short of mesmerizing.

OK, so the actual premise of the interview is that it's part of Vogue's "73 Questions" series, where celebrities answer 73 rapid-fire questions about their career and personal life. But while Swift is providing her answers, she's also walking all over her house, letting us learn way more about her than the interview by itself would allow. It's hard not to get totally distracted by what's happening in the background, especially since there's so much to look at. Swift might see them every day, but to the rest of us, it's all brand new.

Vogue on YouTube

Here are all the most interesting, cool, and weird things that Swift's house tour reveals. It's kind of like the home of a wealthy, eccentric old widow, but I still kind of want her to decorate my next house anyway.

1. Her Shelves Are Jam Packed

Awards, knick knacks, picture frames... just your usual home decor.

2. And Her Wall Is Covered In Black & White Photos

Unfortunately, the camera was never still enough to fully analyze them. Bummer!

3. She Has A Really Fancy Scrabble Board

OK, how cute is this?

4. And Like, A Million Coffee Makers

Including an MTV VMA Award.

5. No, Like There Are Legitimately Moon Men Everywhere

See the one hiding out on the kitchen counter?

6. And Her Faucet Is So Crazy

Yet so beautiful and so intriguing.

7. And There's A Picture On It?!

This photo was definitely taken at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, and it looks like it's her and Calvin Harris in the pic. How adorable!

8. Her Initials Are On Her Spatulas

If you want some for yourself, it looks like they're these surprisingly affordable alphabet spatulas from Williams Sonoma. Yes please!

9. She Casually Grows Oranges In Her Backyard


10. And Has A Ridiculous Amount Of Outdoor Seating

We're talking at least three couch/bench type situations, plus tons of chairs.

11. And A Few Of These Star Lights

They're so pretty!

12. She Has A Bike Connected To An Actual Carriage

Please tell me she makes Calvin Harris drive her around in that.

13. She Has Her Vogue Photos With Karlie Kloss Framed

Remember that epic photoshoot? How adorable is that?!

14. She Has An Extensive Cat Collection

Aside from her living cats, she has a bunch of figurines, too.

15. And Keeps A Book About Grace Kelly On Her Coffee Table

It's called Grace Kelly: A Life In Pictures .

16. She Really Does Keep Her Awards All Over The House

Yep, there's a Grammy, casually hanging out in the living room.

17. And Her Bar Is Really Nice

Again with the super elaborate plumbing!

18. She Has The World's Skinniest Closet

See it over there in the corner? What do you keep in there? Umbrellas only? Really tiny jackets? I need to know.

19. And She Leaves Her Guests With An Amazing Peek Into Her Relationship

In case you were wondering, the framed picture in her entrance reads, "You have successfully buried yourself inside my head. 2/26/15." And as anyone who is as obsessed with Swift and her relationship with Calvin Harris knows, that's the day they met for the first time. I'm not crying, you're crying!

Images: YouTube screenshots (19)