This Cryptic 'Gilmore Girls' Life & Death Brigade Clue Could Tie Into Rory's Yale Past — PHOTO

We've been clinging onto any small morsel of Gilmore Girls revival information that gets thrown our way, desperately wanting answers as we wait for the Netflix four-parter to debut in the nebulous future of sometime-2016. Well, leave it to the Life and Death Brigade to send our minds spinning again. Tanc Sade posted a clue about the Gilmore Girls revival on his Instagram, a strange brass trinket that bears... no true familiarity to even hardcore fanatics. The actor behind Logan's lackey Finn added, "Those that know, know. Those that don't, don't. And those that want, shall. But when?" Say what?

Of course, we already had hints that the Life and Death Brigade would be returning in some shape or form, but the specifics were still unclear. Some theories suggested that Logan is getting married in the Gilmore Girls wedding, although it seems strange that Stars Hollow would be united by such an event. Speculation also pointed to some Yale alumni event, perhaps revolving around memorializing Richard. Altogether, there hasn't been anything truly substantial. So if we take this trinket as the key to how the Life and Death Brigade is returning, then unfortunately it doesn't seem to be unlocking any viable doors yet.

Thus far, the only kinda-sorta theory ties in with the shape of the ominous trinket. If you don't overthink it, it kind of looks like it's shapes like the steering wheel of a ship. Now we all remember the great Yacht debacle of '05, the incident that shook Rory and Lorelai's relationship, temporarily derailed Yale, and divided up the entire Gilmore clan. Or if you don't, Rory stole a yacht and understandably got arrested for it. Somehow, she was able to get away with a forever-long sentence of community service and that's it. So it was legally dealt with a looooong time ago, if not in an unrealistic matter (also, who steals a yacht?). In any case, if this trinket is referencing that, how does the yacht bring the Life and Death Brigade back into the picture?

Well, would it be possible for Rory to belatedly get sued or brought in for something related to the yacht-stealing incident? I'm not familiar with the legal system (having never stolen a yacht before), but if there was something wrong with the boat that could've been even vaguely tied to the 11-year-old incident, could Rory be brought to court over it? Would Finn and Colin be brought in at character witnesses? This all seems farfetched, and truthfully, it doesn't really make for exciting television.


Perhaps it's something a lot less complicated than that. Maybe Logan is throwing some sort of party, be it a Yale alumni event or... what about an engagement party? If Logan had any residual bitterness about Rory rejecting his proposal at the end of Season 7, then inviting her to an engagement party on a yacht would be the ultimate slap on the face. Maybe Rory will have to pick up the nearest umbrella and jump off that thing just to end all the discomfort.

Or maybe it's something that's completely non-nautical and we're getting on the wrong train of thought. I guess those who already know must know, and if they want to share with me, that would be very welcome. Otherwise, I guess it's high time for us to investigate what the meaning of this baffling little trinket is... maybe a Gilmore Girls Season 5 rewatch will do the trick. I'll let you guys knows.

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