15 Hemp Infused Beauty Products For Celebrating 4/20 Year-Round

My dear friends, 4/20 is upon us! For an unconventional way to celebrate the "holiday," I'd recommend you get your hands one some hemp-infused beauty products. While none of these products will get you literally high, your body will feel so good you might think you are.

Fun fact: Elle shared that "THC — the main psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana — is actually an antioxidant (and anti-inflammatory!). The mag elaborated, "As an antioxidant, it can combat wrinkles and fine lines, and scientists and dermatologists are currently studying the ways that it could combat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis." Crazy awesome, right? And since hemp oil is a 100 percent legal by-product of cannabis, you don't have to worry about the police knocking on your door.

If you still need a few more reasons to get stoked for hemp oil, Into the Gloss shared some additional beauty benefits of weed's oily friend. Jamyla Bennu, the creator of small-batch, natural skincare company Oyin Handmade told the site, "One of the main benefits of hempseed oil is all of the omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids it contains. They’re excellent to help nourish our hair and skin because they act as a vegetable protein, so they work not only for lubrication — as oils do — but they also help to strengthen and nourish from the inside out." Well, I'm sold!

Below are my top hemp-packed beauty picks. Whether or not you intend to get in on the more traditional 4/20 action, you can still celebrate this awesome plant and its glorious by-products.

1. Hemp On A Rope Soap

Hemp On A Rope Soap, $12, The Body Shop

This gentle soap is packed with nourishing hemp oil and, let's be real, it's also freaking adorable.

2. Hemp Hair Butter

Hemp Hair Butter, $12.95, Intimate Beauty

For a deep conditioning treatment to soothe brittle strands, look no further!

3. Hemp Hand Protector

Hemp Hand Protector, $20, The Body Shop

This dermatologist-tested hand cream for intensely dry skin is infused with ultra-hydrating Community Trade hemp seed oil.

4. Trippy Bath Bomb

Galaxy Bath Bomb, $4.75, The Ticklish Giraffe

Hemp seed oil adds a hydrating touch to this otherworldly bath bomb!

5. Rose Oil And Hemp Shampoo Bar

Rose Oil And Hemp Shampoo Bar, $8.50, Aquarian Bath

Can we just stop and appreciate how gorgeous the color of this shampoo bar is?

6. Hemp Lip Conditioner

Hemp Lip Conditioner, $8, The Body Shop

This lip conditioner soothes chapped lips no matter how bad they are.

7. Acne Fighting Oil Cleanser

Acne Fighting Oil Cleanser, $22, PlumFaceBodyCo

Quell acne with this antioxidant-packed hemp seed oil cleanser. Hemp seed oil is high in linoleic acid, which will help smooth and heal skin.

8. Vegan Hemp Shea Soap

Vegan Hemp Shea Soap, $4, TifferNinny

Give your skin the ultimate in moisture with this shea and hemp soap bar.

9. Hemp Muscle Rub

Hemp Muscle Rub, $7.50, GrowYourOwnFreedom

Sore muscles after yoga? This all natural mix of hemp seed oil and warming essential oils will have you feeling good in no time.

10. Chocolate And Hemp Lip Balm

Chocolate And Hemp Lip Balm, $4.25, EsotericMedicine

Chocolate. Need I say more?

11. Lavender Hemp Lotion

Lavender Hemp Lotion, $20, SoapyLayne

The sweet bliss of lavender is blended with aloe vera and hemp seed oil for a super dreamy lotion.

12. Hemp Facial Serum

Hemp Facial Serum, $29.99, Beatnik Naturals

This facial oil helps to brighten skin tone, and also fades spots and scars.

13. Hemp Deodorant

Hemp Deodorant, $8.99, CYRCARE

This organic and vegan hemp deodorant is infused with essential oils to keep your pits smelling squeaky clean.

14. Gemstone Geode Vegan Soap

Gemstone Geode Vegan Soap, $16.50, JemsAndJewelsShop

This sweet hemp soap also totally doubles as a decoration for your bathroom counter. #Win

15. Hemp Lotion Bar

Hemp Lotion Bar, $4.75, SequoiaOrganic

This sweet lotion bar melts on into your skin for the ultimate hemp joy.

Images: Courtesy of Brands