This Man's Snapchat Museum Face Swaps Are Gloriously Unholy — PHOTO

Merriam-Webster defines genius as "a person who has a level of talent or intelligence that is very rare or remarkable". I define genius as the man swapping his face in a museum. Now, I know I haven't been around as long as the dictionary, but after seeing this man's journey, I feel like you will all agree that my definition holds some serious weight. I award him points for creativity, gusto, and amazing selfie-arm reach. People tend to overlook that last one, even though it is often the most important. So let's all give a hand to the man of the hour.

I am no stranger to Face Swap and I sure as hell don't shy away from looking goofy in pictures — case and point here. But I draw the line at doing it in public. Only because I get extremely self-conscious and freak out over thinking that other people might be thinking I look weird. I'm working on it. Anyway, it's really cool to see that when you don't over think how you look, you can get amazing pictures out of it. I would have killed to do something like this in a museum, but alas, I will never be the original. Everything I do will pale in comparison to the master below. My favorite from the collection was the third from last one. I don't know, something about a marble wig atop an aristocrats head just really makes me giggle. Maybe it's the curls? Or maybe the fact that everyone wore wig? Whatever the reason, please check out the full gallery of pictures that Jake Marshall took inside of a museum.

Now that you've enjoyed this amazing display of arm strength and creativity, enjoy some random ones I've scavenged for your amusement.

Baby Face Swap

Woodsie TV on YouTube

This baby Face Swap is one of my all time favorites. It's the fact that the voice is acting like the baby is drunk, and also because it's funny to think of a baby trying to not seem drunk when it is. It's comedy gold.

Vaping Couple

You know what they say. The couple that vapes together stays together. I really think that is a very cool special effect for movies. Also, I just really like that this video is one giant misdirection.

Excited Grandmother

I keep forgetting how new this technology is. I'm sure my grandmother would have the same reaction if she saw me using the app on her. This gives me too many good ideas to try out. Ugh, I love how excited she is!


Things sometimes go wrong. Like in this Face Swap. You think you're swapping faces, and then you find out you have two mouths and two faces. #BLESSED #FAIL