Meet The Size Inclusive Bridal Collection That's Budget Friendly, Too — PHOTOS

SmartGlamour is a brand that champions inclusivity in every way, not just through its clothing — although said clothing is handmade in sizes XXS to 6XL, as well as to custom measurements — but through campaigns that similarly feature a wide range of sizes and people. The same can be said of SmartGlamour's bridal collection, which is filled with pieces that'll likely make any wearer feel totally special and gorgeous, not to mention comfortable, on their big day at an affordable cost.

Averaging between $125 and $175 (with a price cap at $200 for an especially gorgeous chiffon wedding dress), this line isn't just for brides-to-be, but for "special occasions" as well. Considering the average wedding dress will cost you over $1,000, the designs are quite the bargain. The detailed and daring capsule collection includes items from crystal belts to lace crop tops as well as a convertible bridal dress so you can make sure your outfit is truly unique to you.

To make this collection even more one-of-a-kind, SmartGlamour is also offering customers the option of requesting swatches before ordering, changing colors, and (for New York and New Jersey-based customers) an in-person consultation with founder and designer Mallorie Dunn for $50. Dunn is also providing a dress draft and fitting for $150, something I'm sure any detail focused bride would be willing to take part in. The focus, as is usual for SmartGlamour, is completely on the customer.

In the press release for the collection, Dunn spoke of how important finding the perfect outfit was for her own special day, as well as how such memories influenced her decision to launch a bridal and special occasion collection. "When I got married, I wanted to feel special, unique, and beautiful," she wrote. "But I also wanted to be comfortable. I wanted to wear the dress without feeling like the dress was wearing me. The SmartGlamour Bridal collection keeps this in mind while staying true to our classic, chic, slightly vintage inspired aesthetic."

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The lookbook for the shoot only helps boost the diversity and versatility of this collection, as well as the customers who'll be wearing the designs. According to Dunn, all but one of the models is engaged IRL, making the images actual examples of potential bridal looks.

Instead of sticking to traditional styles, SmartGlamour has proven that weddings can be custom-made to any individual's tastes. Plus, these outfits are way more versatile than the kind of wedding dress you only get to wear once.

So whether you're looking for the most special dress for the biggest day, or something to sport to someone else's wedding, SmartGlamour has you covered.

Images: Courtesy SmartGlamour