What It Means When 5 Planets Are Retrograde

At this point, most of us have heard the term "Mercury retrograde," and we know, generally, that it means wacky stuff is afoot in the universe. But Mercury is not the only planet that can go retrograde — so what does it mean when five planets are retrograde, all at once? Because that's absolutely what's about to start happening on April 28. Prepare yourselves, friends. It's about to get real tumultuous up in your brains.

On April 28, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter will all be retrograde — that's more planets simultaneously retrograde than has happened in more than 10 years. Each planet represents a different facet of our lives, and when each planet goes retrograde, that element is turned on its head. This usually results in us focusing our normally outward-facing energies inward, and vice versa.

When a planet goes retrograde, it's not actually orbiting backwards — it just appears like that to us humans on planet Earth. Ask an astronomer and they'll say that when a planet goes retrograde, it's an "apparent change." Ask an astrologist, however, and they'll say, "As above, so below" — meaning that regardless of whether a planet is actually orbiting backwards, it still screws with energies.

So while all of these planets being simultaneously retrograde is a rare occurrence, it doesn't compound their retrograde power or anything. It does mean, though, that you might be getting hit with a lot of introspective vibes, because each planet brings with it its own out-of-wack energy. Embrace them. They often help you gain a new perspective on situations in your life.

For example, though retrograded Mercury gets a bad rap, it doesn't start raining blood or anything, you guys. Mercury rules communication; when it's retrograde, wires can easily get crossed and you may find yourself feeling more mentally frazzled and forgetful. But you'll also be given the opportunity to see how communication affects your relationships, and perhaps even gain an evolved sense of friendships and romantic partnerships.

Other elements of your life that may be affected are your personal growth and expansion (Jupiter), love and relationships (Pluto),emotions, particularly anger and aggression (Mars), and karma (Saturn).

Yeah, so. Like a lot of your life. Sorry guys. I promise it will get better fairly soon — the planets start turning out of retrograde in early May.

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