12 Daisy Ridley Instagrams That Are Oh So Real — PHOTOS

We talk a lot about role models in Hollywood. Who's worthy, who's unworthy, who needs to step up their game, the list of scrutiny goes on. But even though she's fairly new to the spotlight, there is undoubtedly one actor who has earned the role model title and she happens to be in a little movie called, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Daisy Ridley is upfront and honest with her Instagram posts, and in this social media age that type of candidness is way more important than you might think.

Ridley, who plays Rey in the Star Wars movies, is extremely aware of the unattainable standards and the picture perfect lives that celebrities seem to live and show off on social media, and she says as much in her latest Instagram post. The 24-year-old actor posted a Snapchat screenshot that reads, “I woke up like this #nofilter #nomakeup." She wrote in the caption,

3 of these statements aren't true... Social media is great but also a bit scary cause what people post is the most filtered, most carefully chosen and cleverly edited moments of their lives. And self esteem is a huge issue for people around the world. My skin isn't great so I don't post no make up selfies, much as I'd like to; I have a trainer urging me on in workouts and don't include all the times I say 'I can't do it' and I don't smile all the time but I like to share the pictures where I am. But I actually do love myself, I try to think good thoughts always and am surrounded by the most wonderful people, so I'm keeping it balanced (like the Force, obvs). Just thought I'd say :)

And this is not a one off occurrence. Ridley constantly tells it like it is, and it’s a revelation in today’s world of keeping up appearances. Here are 12 Instagram pictures, including the "I woke up like this" post, where Ridley has kept it real.

1. When She Removed The Instagram Beauty Myth

Girl, tell 'em.

2. When She Photographed What Really Mattered

Hell yes.

3. When She Posted Her Workout, But Captioned About Her Struggle With It

No one's perfect, not even Rey. We're so used to seeing these fitness all-stars, but it's super refreshing to know that even as effortless as this appears, it was not smooth sailing.

4. When She Chose The Most "Glorious Selfie" Out Of A Bunch

Meaning, she chose the one that was the most fun and the most "her" rather than the most glamorous. A girl after my own heart.

5. When She Showed Off Her "Five Head"

*Gets an "I Heart Daisy Ridley" Tattoo on my own forehead*

6. When She Bravely Documented A Baking First

That could have gone really, really wrong.

7. When She Geeked Out About Meeting Barbra Streisand

Because no one is too cool to meet Babs, and she knows it.

8. When She Talked About Her Emotional Day And Her Subsequent Coping Mechanism

I have been there, Daisy. I totally get it. Though, my baked good medicine of choice would be a fudge brownie. To each their own.

9. When She Was Appreciative Of Her Growing Social Media Following

The actor is not taking her popularity for granted.

10. When She Wasn't Afraid To Call Out Her Animated Facial Expressions

I think it makes the interview, personally.

11. When She Pointed Out The Ridiculousness Of Being Overly Fancy

Celebrity or not, this is kind of cray.

12. When She Rightfully Demanded Respect From Her Followers

And was not pulling any punches about it. Respect is non-negotiable.

Keep on keepin' on, Daisy.