Where Can I Get A Ben & Jerry's BRRR-ito? Here's How To Find Your Nearest Participating Scoop Shop

All hail the 4/20 goddesses, because Ben & Jerry's is bringing back its BRRR-ito treat starting one day soon — and that day is tomorrow. April 20. Also known as 4/20. Also known as the Stoner's Holiday. Here's where you can get a Ben & Jerry's BRRRr-ito, because let's be real — even if you aren't ~celebrating~ tomorrow, you still probably want a BRRR-ito. BRRR-itos are amazing.

In case you don't know what a BRRR-ito is, I'm genuinely sorry — you must be feeling really left out, because I've said "BRRR-ito," like, 15 times in this article so far without any sort of explanation. My bad. Excitement makes me forgetful. BRRR-itos are kind of what they sound like: "A chewy, crepe-like wrap surrounding your choice of ice cream flavors, drizzled in hot fudge and topped with cookie crumbles." That delightful description is courtesy of Ben & Jerry's itself, and well... well done, you guys. I'm literally drooling on my keyboard. The featured BRR-ito this year involves Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Dough, but you can also mix and match your favorite flavors to create your very own custom treat.

This year, Ben & Jerry's is also offering up a li'l deal: "Bring your buds," a buy two, get one free kind of thing taking place on April 4. It's also a 4/20 pun, but I'll let you figure that one out on your own.


So obviously, the big question is: STOP TALKING ABOUT IT ALREADY AND TELL ME WHERE TO GET ONE. Ugh, chill, you guys. All in good time.

The BRRR-itos are being sold at participating Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shops across the United States. Just scamper over to the Ben & Jerry's Location Finder, type in your zip code like so, and voila! BRRR-itos at your very own finger tips.

What a time to be alive, honestly.

Images: Ben & Jerry's; Giphy; Maddy Foley/Bustle